Department of Digitalization

Andreas Blicher

E-mail: abs.digi@cbs.dk

Andreas Blicher is a postdoc at the Department of Digitalization at Copenhagen Business School. He holds a PhD and an MSc in psychology from Copenhagen University, an MSc in psychological studies from University of Glasgow, and a BA in psychology, philosophy, and science studies from Roskilde University. He has also studied psychology at Yale University, Aarhus University, and Pacific Lutheran University. His PhD bridges the areas of cognitive and clinical psychology and focuses on the mechanisms of selective attention in anxiety and depression. His current research investigates the interplay between information systems and emotional contagion employing biosensors and eye-tracking technology.

Primary research areas
  • Attention
  • Cognition
  • Decision making
  • Emotion
  • NeuroIS
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Selected publications

Blicher, A., Reinholdt-Dunne, M. L., Hvenegaard, M., Winding, C., Petersen, A., & Vangkilde, S. (2020). Engagement and Disengagement Components of Attentional Bias to Emotional Stimuli in Anxiety and Depression. Journal of Experimental Psychopathology, 1-11.

Reinholdt-Dunne, M. L., Seeberg, I., Blicher, A., Normann, N., Vinberg, M., Kessing, L. V., & Miskowiak, K. W. (2020). Residual Anxiety in Patients with Bipolar Disorder in Full or Partial Remission: Metacognitive Beliefs and Neurocognitive Function. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 1-11.

Blicher, A. & Reinholdt-Dunne, M. L. (2019). Components of Attentional Bias to Threat in Clinically Anxious Children: An Experimental Study Using the Emotional Spatial Cueing Paradigm. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 1-9.

Reinholdt-Dunne, M. L., Blicher, A., Nordahl, H., Normann, N., Esbjørn, B. H., & Wells, A. (2019). Modeling the Relationships Between Metacognitive Beliefs, Attention Control and Symptoms in Children With and Without Anxiety Disorders: A Test of the S-REF Model. Frontiers in Psychology, 10.