Thesis and project collaboration

Do you or your company need qualified input to your strategic choices, campaigns, business models, supply chain or something else? At CBS CareerGate, our official project and job platform for students and recent graduates from Copenhagen Business School, all companies can now easily and free of charge set up thesis and project collaborations targeted at CBS-students interested in solving relevant business problems.


CBS students complete their master with a thesis in which they often write about and for a company – big or small, global or local. Here, they utilize and test their theoretical skills and knowledge – also to the benefit of the company.

It is now possible – easy and without charge – to post notices with suggestions for specific problem areas suitable for being researched by one or more CBS students as subject for their master thesis.

As a unique opportunity to establish contact and find talents among the students during their studies, you can also offer projects and other consultancy tasks of all sizes aimed at our students.

Suggestions for thesis collaborations and other projects can be targeted exactly to reach students who match your needs.


A project-oriented thesis collaboration focused on a concrete problem creates great value for both the student and the company.

In a project-oriented thesis collaboration, the student must test and develop his or her academic competences by using them to solve concrete tasks and problems.

The student must have a supervisor from the company involved and a supervisor (lecturer) from the university, who is responsible for the supervision of the exam assignment. The student completes the course with a test (exam report) which is assessed by the university.

Universities Denmark has made an explanatory booklet about project-oriented courses which you can read here.

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