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CBS LAW - Forum for Teaching, Dissemination and Legal Dogmatic Research in Tax Law

Introduction to the Forum for Tax Law

Forum for Tax Law facilitates collaboration between the faculty affiliated with tax law at CBS LAW. The main purpose with the Forum is to coordinate and showcase the broad variety of tax law activities that make up CBS LAW, which includes teaching, dissemination, research, and events concerning tax law. As it appears below, the Forum group members teach in a wide range of tax law courses that are offered across various CBS programmes. Apart from teaching at CBS, they also arrange national as well as international conferences and seminars, they participate in and disseminate at research seminars both nationally as well as internationally, and they publish research in widely acknowledged research journals. 

Members of the Forum:  

Professor WSR Peter Koerver Schmidt
Peter Koerver Schmidt
Professor WSR Peter Koerver Schmidt
Professor Jane Bolander

Professor Jane Bolander
Associate Professor Michael Tell

Associate Professor Michael Tell
Assistant Professor Louise Blichfeldt Fjord
Louise Fjord Kjaersgaard
Assistant Professor Louise Blichfeldt Fjord
Assistant Professor Jeroen Lammers 
Jeroen Lammers
Assistant Professor Jeroen Lammers 
PhD Fellow Maria Wriedt Keller

PhD Fellow Maria Wriedt Keller


CBS Annual International Tax Conference 2023 - 15 November 2023
The conference will take place on 15 November 2023. More information will be made available soon. 

Previous Events


PhD Seminar with Visiting PhD Scholar Caroline Thomsen - 17 August 2023 

Visiting PhD Scholar Caroline Thomsen – 'Implementeringen af reglerne om global minimumsbeskatning'.

You can find the full presentation here.

Tax Talk 2023

TaxTalk 2023 -- Skatteretten er et masseafgørelsesområde, hvor en række spørgsmål skal afgøres for et stort antal skatteydere. På grund af den store mængde kan ikke alle forhold individuelt behandles af fysiske personer. Der er store økonomiske gevinster ved at få mange af disse sager automatiseret. Automatiseringen vil imidlertid presse nogle borgeres retssikkerhed, idet ikke alle har samme forhold og forudsætninger – men hvor går grænsen?

Tidspunkt: Onsdag den 10. maj 2023 fra 16.00 til ca. 18.00 i auditorium C.0.33, stueetagen ved hovedingangen til Dalgas Have 15, Frederiksberg.











February 2023 - Grant by Carblsberg for the research project  'the Entrepreneurial Age: Rethinking Entrepreneurship in Society'

May 2022 - NTRC grant for the CBS Annual International Tax Conference
The Nordic Tax Research Council generously decided to grant us funding for the annual CBS International Tax Conference on ‘Cross-Border Issues of Tax Policies Preventing Climate Change’. With the help of NTRC, we were able to host a prime conference with many international speakers.

Tax Law Courses in CBS Programmes

BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law (HA(jur.)) and MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law (cand.merc.(jur.))

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD (regnskab))


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