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Thomas Rønde holds a professorship in innovation and entrepreneurship. He did his Ph.D. at University Pompeu Fabra (Spain) in 1999 and has previously held positions at University of Copenhagen and University of Mannheim.  His primary research interests are innovation, organizational economics, and competition policy. Thomas Rønde has published in leading field journals across various fields like Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Management Science, and Review of Financial Studies. He is Ph.D. coordinator at INO and is Chief Economist at the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

Primary research areas
  • Industrial organization and competition policy
  • R&D competition and management of technology
Administrative tasks

Curriculum Vitae
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  • Industrial Organization (HA(mat.))
  • Konkurrenceret og Industriøkonomi (HA(jur.))

Other teaching activities

Selected publications
  • Fosfuri, A., M. Motta, and T. Rønde: Foreign Direct Investments and Spillovers through Workers’ Mobility. In: Journal of International Economics, February 2001, 53, p. 205-222.
  • Holthausen, C. and T. Rønde: Regulating Access to International Large-Value Payment Systems. In: The Review of Financial Studies, Winter 2002, 15, p. 1561-1586.
  • Arora, A., A. Fosfuri, and T. Rønde: Managing Licensing in Markets for Technology. In: Management Science, Vol. 59, no. 5, 5.2013, p. 1092-1106.
  • Henkel, J., T. Rønde, and M. Wagner: And the Winner is - Acquired : Entrepreneurship as a Contest Yielding Radical Innovations. In: Research Policy, March 2015, 44, no. 2, p. 295–310.
  • Kaiser, U., H.C. Kongsted, and T. Rønde: Does the mobility of R&D labor increase innovation? In: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, February 2015, 110, p. 91–105.
Publications sorted by:
Jens Leth Hougaard; Thomas Rønde / Benchmarking af fjernvarmesektoren
Frederiksberg : Dansk Energi 2018, 13 p.
Niels Vestergaard; Thomas Rønde; Virpi Kristina Tuunainen; Tooraj Jamasb; Sally Dibb; Marie-Thérèse Claes; Friederike Wall / Evaluation of the Social Sciences in Norway : Report from Panel 6 – Economic-administrative Research Area.
Lysaker : Forskningsrådet 2018, 246 p.
Report > peer review
Joachim Henkel; Thomas Rønde / High Risk or Low Cost : Dichotomous Choices of R&D Strategy by Startups in Markets for Technology.
Paper presented at DRUID18 Conference, 2018
Paper > peer review
Ashish Arora; Andrea Fosfuri; Thomas Rønde / Waiting for the Payday? : The Market for Startups and the Timing of Entrepreneurial Exit.
London : Centre for Economic Policy Research 2018, 35 p. (Centre for Economic Policy Research. Discussion Papers, No. DP12724) (National Bureau of Economic Research. Working Paper Series, No. 24350)
Working paper
Joachim Henkel; Thomas Rønde; Marcus Wagner / And the Winner is - Acquired : Entrepreneurship as a Contest Yielding Radical Innovations.
In: Research Policy, Vol. 44, No. 2, 2015, p. 295-310
Journal article > peer review
Ulrich Kaiser; H.C. Kongsted; Thomas Rønde / Does the Mobility of R&D Labor Increase Innovation?
In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 110, 2.2015, p. 91-105
Journal article > peer review
Ulrich Kaiser; Susan J. Mendez; Thomas Rønde; Hannes Ullrich / Drug Pricing Reforms : The Danish Experience.
In: European Pharmaceutical Review, Vol. 20, No. 2, 2015, p. 18-19
Journal article > peer review
Martin Ruckes; Thomas Rønde / Dynamic Incentives in Organizations : Success and Inertia.
In: Manchester School, Vol. 83, No. 4, 2015, p. 475-497
Journal article > peer review
Ulrich Kaiser; H.C. Kongsted; Thomas Rønde / Does the Mobility of R&D Labor Increase Innovation?
Mannheim : ZEW 2014, 34 p. (ZEW Discussion Papers, No. 14-115)
Working paper
Ulrich Kaiser; Susan J. Méndez; Thomas Rønde; Hannes Ullrich / Regulation of Pharmaceutical Prices : Evidence from a Reference Price Reform in Denmark.
In: Journal of Health Economics, Vol. 36, 7.2014, p. 174-187
Journal article > peer review
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2018 Divisionsforeningen Competition policy advice
2018 Icelandic Competition Authority Competition policy advice
2018 Danica Pension Competition policy advice
2018 Dansk Energi Analyse
2018 Erhvervsstyrelsen Analyse
2019 Icelandic Competition Authority Competition policy advice
2019 Eniig Competition policy advice
2019 Kulturministeriet Analyse
2019 Erhvervsstyrelsen Analyse