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Sofie Cairo is a postdoc at Department of Strategy and Innovation. In 2021, she defended her PHD in Economics from University of Copenhagen. Her research relies on research methods from behavioral and experimental economics, and on applied micro-econometrics. During her PhD, she investigated topics in Public Policy, Labor and Gender Economics. She contributed to the design and implementation of two large online field experiments enrolling full populations of unemployment insurance and social security recipients. Moreover, she investigated how the family desires of young women affect their later career outcomes.

In her current position at CBS, she is investigating gender gaps in Science and Innovation, including parenthood penalties on scientific productivity for male and female researchers.

Her next project, funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, aims to mitigate gender bias in promotion processes. The team will investigate how perceived potential of male and female employees affects managers’ decision to promote. Relying on lab experiments and lab-in-the-field experiments with employees and managers at large Danish firms, a number of debiasing interventions to mitigate gender bias will be tested in order to deliver policy advice on how to design promotion processes.

Primary research areas
  • Labor and Gender Economics
  • Evaluation of Public Policies
  • Science, innovation and funding
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