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My name is Sofie Cairo and I am a postdoc at CBS. I will defend my PHD thesis from UCPH in January 2021. My research agenda focuses on Labor and Gender Economics, including challenges in the labor market and family formation of women. I rely on theory and methods from behavioral and experimental economics, as well as on applied micro-econometric methods using register and survey data.

During my PhD, I worked extensively with the design and implementation of two large online field experiments made in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Employment. The field experiments enrolled full populations of unemployed UI benefit recipients and social security recipients (50-100.000 participants). Following the field interventions, job search behavior and survey data were collected and merged with administrative registers on individual labor market outcomes. The results are presented in the first two chapters of my PhD-thesis.

The third and last chapter of my thesis links preferences of adolescent women on time, education and family formation to life time economic outcomes such as earnings and labor supply, as well as to family formation outcomes. I find that over working life, women desiring a large family of 3 or 4 children earn 7 \% less in wage income than women desiring a smaller family, while child penalties from realized fertility amount to 3.4\% per child over working life. 

I am currently designing a field experiment focusing on funding behavior of women in Academia. The RCT will be conducted in collaboration with a private foundation.


Primary research areas
  • Labor and Gender Economics,
  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics,
  • Evaluation of Public Policies,
  • Applied Microeconometrics
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