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Room: KIL/14.A-2.48
Katsiaryna Markhvida

Kate Markhvida is a PhD student at the Copenhagen Business School, Department of Strategy and Innovation. Kate’s current research focuses on digital business models in maritime and air freight shipping. She earned her M.A. degree in economics from Carleton University, B.A. degree in economics and statistics from the University of British Columbia and a graduate diploma in aerospace law from McGill University. Kate held teaching appointments and guest lectured at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, the Singapore Aviation Academy, the Istanbul Technical University, the Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Prior to joining CBS, Kate was a senior economist at IATA, a global association of airlines, responsible for economic analysis to support advocacy with governments and supply chain partners. She was also responsible for advising policy and industry stakeholders on a wide range of aviation issues. Kate specialized in economic appraisal, cost-benefit analyses, economic impact assessments, including the development of research on the value of aviation and air connectivity. Kate also held positions in private transportation consulting (InterVISTAS), advising clients on regulatory and economic policy matters in aviation and the transportation industry more broadly, and taught courses in business statistics, aviation economics and law to university and professional audiences. She spent a number of years working for the federal government of Canada in areas of antitrust policy and law enforcement and legal reform in developing countries.

Primary research areas

•    Maritime shipping
•    Air passenger and freight shipping
•    Transportation economics
•    Digitalization and digitization
•    Firm strategy and innovation

Curriculum Vitae
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Selected publications

Kate Markhvida and Emi Mima (2020). Air Connectivity: Measuring the connections that drive economic growth. International Air Transport Association report, supervised by IATA’s Chief Economist Brian Pearce.

Kate Markhvida (2019), “Chapter 13: Antitrust and Competition Law”, Routledge Handbook of Public Aviation Law, edited by Paul Stephen Dempsey and Ram Jakhu.

Mike W. Tretheway and Kate Markhvida (2014), “The Aviation Value Chain: Economic Returns and Policy Issues”, Journal of Air Transport Management, Vol 41, October 2014, pages 3-16.

Mike W. Tretheway and Kate Markhvida (2013), “Airports and Airlines in the Value Chain: financial returns, risk and investment”, OECD’s International Transport Forum Discussion Paper.

Kate Markhvida (2012), “Enforcement of Anti-Predation Laws in the Airline Industry”, Annals of Air and Space Law, Vol XXXVII, McGill University.