Department of Organization

External Lecturer

Presentation and academic fields
In a very broad sense I am interested in the ways in which the human resources are conceptualized, organized and managed. Specifically my focus since my Ph.D has been the organization and management of the psycho-social work environment. Following 'old' insights from socio-technical theory, a main concern has been to broaden the focus from the psycho-social aspects of the work-environment to entail as well attentiveness to the socio-material aspects of everyday work and work organization.  
Recently, within the Danish Prison and Probation Services, I have been researching the ways in which worker well-being and the psycho-social work environment is taken up by management by the use of employee surveys, and how these efforts are related, or not, to the everyday work and work experiences of workers as well as the politics of the wider organization.I work with qualitative methods, counting interviews, observations and auto-photography.
Theoretically I am inspired by ANT/science technology studies, Organization theory and Critical Management Studies.
I teach the following courses: Human Resource Development, HRM- programme and Organizational Analysis, HApsyk and supervise Bachelor and Masters thesis.
Primary research areas: 
Psycho social work environment/ worker well-being
Leadership and leadership education
Selected publications: 
Mette Mogensen / Beyond happy families and authenticity – back to work organization and mundaneness in the critique of ‘authenticating’ management programs, Ephemera, 2017 (in print)
Mette Mogensen; Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen / The Adverse Effects of the Resilient Organization? : Accounting for the Flip Side of 'Positive Resources' in Prison Work. Paper presented at 35th International Labour Process Conference, 2017
Mette Mogensen / Auto-fotografi som metode : Når medarbejdertrivsel er et sociomaterielt fænomen.
In: Tidsskrift for Arbejdsliv, Vol. 16, No. 3, 2014, p. 8-22