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In my current role as Blockchain PhD Fellow at Copenhagen Business School, I am engaged in researching the area of service provision through digital platforms. Manufactured goods are increasingly being offered in combination with advanced services as smart, connected products. Such services typically require access to information about equipment location, usage and condition. This is a context in which blockchain technology can potentially resolve governance issues related to information ownership and access.
Companies may use blockchain-enabled platforms to provide digital services and reposition their organizations in platform ecosystems. Pharmaceutical companies develop digital platforms to improve the lives of their patients and differ in the ways that they design and govern such platforms. Ultimately, pharmaceuticals face the central dilemma of striking a balance between human and non-human decision-making in healthcare as digital platforms facilitate increasingly automated decisions.
Casper has previously worked as Research Assistant on the externally funded research project ‘Driving Competitiveness through Servitization’ at Copenhagen Business School.

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Casper Winther-Hansen; Thomas Frandsen / Modular Cure Provision : Platforms For Provider-patient Interaction.
Paper presented at The 24th International Annual EurOMA Conference 2017, 2017
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