Department of Marketing

PhD fellow

Room: SOL/D3.35
E-mail: js.marktg@cbs.dk

Jacob has been a Ph.D. student at the Department of Marketing since 2021. 

Jacob has a bachelor's degree in philosophy and business studies from Roskilde University and a master's in business administration and philosophy from Copenhagen Business School. After finishing his studies, Jacob worked with donor/customer insights as an applied behavioral researcher at different companies. 

Jacobs' research focuses on the long-term effects of charitable fundraising on donor profitability. The aim is to understand if and when charities risk losing precious resources, e.g., donors and funds when evaluating their marketing efforts only from a short-term perspective. 

Jacob works as methodological defaults with various charitable organizations and employees in econometric modeling and field experiments. 

Primary research areas
  • Charitable Giving 
  • Private Donor Management
  • Marketing Modeling
  • Customer/Donor Lifetime Value
  • Donor Churn
  • Marketing Annoyance & Fatigue
  • Effective Altruism
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