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Room: SOL/D3.34

I am primarily interested in human and consumer behavior in the context of online environments, social media, innovation, and branding. My research can be divided into two broad areas: First, I investigate how and why people use social and online media, applied to different contexts and platforms. One core topic is the emerging group of social media influencers, including bloggers and micro-influencers, with the aim to understand their self-branding efforts, and, as such, their role in communicating and branding products, services, and experiences to follower audiences online. Second, I am interested in how consumers respond to, process information of, and learn about novel marketing stimuli, such as analogies for novel products, novel brand names, or other marketing information. Methodologically, I am pragmatic and use both quantitative (incl. survey and experimental designs) and qualitative methods, often in triangulation.

I am a member of the Brand Meaning Research Cluster and Consumer Research Cluster

From 2012-2015, I held an individual Marie Curie post-doc fellowship, funded by the EU 7th Framework Program. The project investigated experimentally how to compose good brand names for novel products based on information-processing theories. I received my Ph.D. from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Before entering academia, I worked in PR, sales, and marketing in the automotive and software industry.

Primary research areas
  • Human and consumer behavior in online environments and social media
  • Online Self-branding, social media influencers
  • Consumer information-processing, consumer learning of (novel) information and branded, innovative product
Administrative tasks

Curriculum Vitae
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The Power of (Marketing) Language: How Names, Frames, and Phrases Affect our Perceptions, Judgements, and Decisions (elective, MSc)
Consumer Behaviour (mandatory course, BSc)
Project-oriented Marketing Research Program (elective, MSc)


Bachelor’s projects and Master’s theses in my areas of interest (see above)


Other teaching activities

Selected publications

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Laura Lavertu; Ben Marder; Antonia Erz; Robert Angell / The Extended Warming Effect of Social Media : Examining Whether the Cognition of Online Audiences Offline Drives Prosocial Behavior in ‘Real Life’.
In: Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 110, 9.2020
Journal article > peer review
Minas Kastanakis; Sarah Robinson; Yannis Tsalavoutas; Mario Fernando; Claudia Jonczyk; Uriel Stettner; Ioannis Thanos; Barak Aharonson; Kristina Potočnik; Haina Zhang; Antonia Erz; Sylvia von Wallpach; Andreas Diedrich; Christopher R. Leupold; Liz Breen / Making a Difference : Thoughts on Management Scholarship from the Editorial Team.
In: European Management Journal, Vol. 37, No. 3, 2019, 6 p., p. 245-250
Ben Marder; David Houghton; Antonia Erz; Lloyd Harris; Ana Javornik / Smile(y) – and Your Students Will Smile with You? : The Effects of Emoticons on Impressions, Evaluations, and Behaviour in Staff-to-student Communication.
In: Studies in Higher Education, 8.4.2019
Journal article > peer review
Ben Marder; David Gattig; Emily Collins; Leyland Pitt; Jan Kietzmann; Antonia Erz / The Avatar's New Clothes : Understanding Why Players Purchase Nonfunctional Items in Free-to-play Games.
In: Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 91, 2.2019, p. 72–83
Journal article > peer review
Ben Marder; Antonia Erz; Robert Angell; Kirk Plangger / The Role of Photograph Aesthetics on Online Review Sites : Effects of Management- versus Traveler-generated Photos on Tourists’ Decision Making.
In: Journal of Travel Research, 30.12.2019
Journal article > peer review
Antonia Erz; Ben Marder; Elena Osadchaya / Consuming and Producing on Social Media : A Uses and Gratifications Perspective on Motives of Hashtag Use on Instagram.
Abstract from The 47th EMAC Annual Conference 2018, 2018
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Antonia Erz; Ben Marder; Elena Osadchaya / Hashtags : Motivational Drivers, their Use, and Differences Between Influencers and Followers.
In: Computers in Human Behavior, Vol. 89, 12.2018, p. 48-60
Journal article > peer review
Antonia Erz; Anna-Bertha Heeris Christensen / Transforming Consumers Into Brands : Tracing Transformation Processes of the Practice of Blogging.
In: Journal of Interactive Marketing, Vol. 43, No. 3, 8.2018, p. 69-82
Journal article > peer review
Karin Tollin; Antonia Erz; Jesper Vej / The Strategic Viewpoints of Innovation and Marketing Teams on the Development of Novel Functional Foods
In: Developing New Functional Food and Nutraceutical Products. ed. /Debasis Bagchi; Sreejayan Nair. London : Academic Press 2017, p. 63-83
Book chapter > peer review
Antonia Erz; Richard Gyrd-Jones; Anna-Bertha Heeris Christensen / “I Blog so I Become” : Studying the Transformational Power of Fashion Blogging on Consumer Bloggers’ Self-concepts.
In: Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference: Marketing in the Age of Data. . ed. /Klemens Knöferle; Luk Warlop; Bendik Samuelsen. Brussels : European Marketing Academy. EMAC 2016
Article in proceedings > peer review
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Academic Interests

Outside activities

2020: External PhD-supervisor to Sebastian Oliver, University of Edinburgh, Business School

2019 and ongoing: Associate editor for the area of marketing of European Management Journal