Department of Management, Society and Communication

Maria Emilia Casco
Teaching associate professor

Room: DH.Ø.2.44

I´m the Course coordinator of the Spanish and Latin American Area Studies Years 1 & 2 at BSc in Business, Language and Culture.
I´m primarily interested in teaching contemporary politics, culture, society,  economy and communication in organisations in Spain and Latin America (taught in Spanish).

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  • Spanish Area Studies 1.
  • Spanish Area Studies 2.
  • Spanish Area Studies 3.
  • Spanish Area Studies 4.
  • Business Strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean at MSc BLC.

Bachelor Theses, Projects and Internship Reports.

Other teaching activities

I have also taught on Governance and Institutions in a Regional Context at MSc BLC as well as I have also taught academic Spanish at the CEMS-MIM programme. 

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2019 - 2022

Teaching Spanish