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Katryn Pasaribu

My main interest is in sustainable management of natural resource and environmental carrying capacity.

Primary research areas
  • Sustainability in Oil Palm Production
  • Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
  • Quantitative Method
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Selected publications
Watts, J. D., Pasaribu, K., Irawan, S., Tacconi, L., Martanila, H., Wiratama, C. G. W., ... \& Manvi, U. P. (2021). Challenges faced by smallholders in achieving sustainable palm oil certification in Indonesia. World Development, 146, 105565.
Pasaribu, K. N., Lambert, L. H., Lambert, D. M., English, B. C., Clark, C. D., Hellwinckel, C., ...\& Smith, S. A. (2021). Profitability of irrigating for corn, cotton, and soybeans under projected drought scenarios in the Southeastern United States. Irrigation Science, 39(3), 315-328.


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Michael Padmanaba; Sean Sloan; John D. Watts; Silvia Irawan; Janice Ser Huay Lee; Katryn N. Pasaribu; Cokorda Gde Wisnu Wiratama; Ellen Watson; Nadia Putri Utam / Jurisdictional Approaches to High Conservation Value Area Designation using Regulatory Instruments : An Indonesian Pilot Project.
In: Frontiers in Environmental Sciences, Vol. 11, 12.9.2023
Journal article > peer review
Katryn Pasaribu; Kristjan Jespersen / “Feeding Two Birds with One Scone” : A Spatial Footprint Approach Bridging Conservation Financing and Companies EU-CSRD Reporting.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School, CBS 23.8.2023
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