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Room: DH.V.2.23
E-mail: ek.msc@cbs.dk

Esben's primary research areas are corporate communication, corporate branding, organizaitonal culture and identity, and brand retail. As a member of the Brand Studies Group (2002-2005) Esben researched and published on identity, corporate branding and brand retail processes of LEGO and Georg Jensen. Esben has further published within the areas of Cross-Cultural Brand Learning, Living the Brand, Corporate Brand Stretch, Brand Mediatization as well as Corporate Branding and Reputation.

Esben has served as the program cooridinator for the Master's Program in Business Administration and Organizational Communication and is currently the Program Coordinator for the Master's Program in Business, Language and Culture.

Primary research areas

Corporate Communication

Corporate Branding

Organizational Identity

Organizational Culture

Cross-cultural Leadership


Curriculum Vitae
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Selected publications

Karmark, Esben (2013) “Corporate Branding and Corporate Reputation” in Carroll, C. (ed.). The Handbook of Communication and Corporae Reputation. London: JohnWiley & Sons

Karmark, Esben (2010) “Mediatizing a Global Brand - Effects on LEGO Group’s Corporate Brand of Establishing a Media Company”. In: L. Chouliararki & M. Morsing (eds.) Media, Organization, Identity. London: Palgrave

Karmark, E. & Remke, R. (Forum Editors) (forthcoming). “Pure Luxury? The Rebranding of Georg Jensen”. Management Communication Quarterly

Publications sorted by:
Esben Karmark; Robyn Remke; Patrice M. Buzzanell; Brigid Carroll; Gail Fairhurst; Flemming Holm; Lars Thøger Christensen / Communication Perspectives on a Luxury Brand Organization : The Case of Georg Jensen.
In: Management Communication Quarterly, Vol. 30, No. 1, 2016, p. 121–142
Journal article > peer review
Esben Karmark / Corporate Branding and Corporate Reputation
In: The Handbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation. ed. /Craig E. Carroll. Chichester : Wiley 2013, p. 446-459
Book chapter > peer review
Esben Karmark; Robyn V. Remke; Dorte Salskov-Iversen / Sustainability Governance as an Emergent Narrative for Cities and Local Governments : A Leadership Communication Perspective.
Paper presented at Fourth Global Communication Forum, 2010
Paper > peer review
Esben Karmark; Suzanne C. Beckmann / The Challenges of Retail (re)Branding : Georg Jensen's Family Silver and Diamond Dreams.
Paper presented at The 6th Thought Leaders International Conference on Brand Management 2010, 2010
Paper > peer review
Robyn V. Remke; Esben Karmark; Dan Kärreman / The Identity-Making Process of CBS Discourse : Students' Sensemaking of Corporate Branding in Higher Education.
Paper presented at Second International Symposium on Process Organization Studies: PROS 2010 , 2010
Esben Karmark / Challenges in the Mediatization of a Corporate Brand : Identity Effects as LEGO Establishes a Media Products Company.
In: Media, Organizations and Identity. ed. /Lilie Chouliaraki; Mette Morsing. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan 2009, p. 112-128
Book chapter > peer review
Pernille Gjøls-Andersen; Esben Karmark / Corporate Brand Stretch : Brand Extension in a Corporate Branding Perspective.
In: Corporate Branding, Purpose/People/Process: Towards the Second Wave of Corporate Branding. . ed. /Majken Schultz; Yun Mi Antorini; Fabian F. Csaba. Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School Press 2005, p. 151-179
Book chapter > peer review
Esben Karmark / Living the Brand
In: Towards the Second Wave of Corporate Branding. ed. /Majken Schultz; Yun Mi Antorini; Fabian F. Csaba. 2005, p. 103-124
Book chapter
Esben Karmark / Organizational identity in a dualistic subculture : A case study of organizational identity formation in Lego Media International.
København : Samfundslitteratur 2002, 209 p. (Ph.D.serie, No. 2002-22)
PhD thesis
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