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Although I have always been affiliated to Business Administration departments, I started out as an organizational anthropologist of sorts. I did my Ph D as an ethnography on the topic of the organizational culture in a Swedish evening newspaper. My research since has focused on topics like critical management studies, knowledge work, identity in organizations, leadership, organizational control, innovation and research methodology. My work has been published in Academy of Management Review, Human Relations, Journal of Management Studies, Organization, Organization Science, and Organization Studies, among others. My most recent book is Qualitative Methodology and Theory Development: Mystery as Method (Sage 2011, with Mats Alvesson)

Primary research areas

Organizational control

Knowledge work

Organizational culture and identity

Critical management studies

Research methods

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Management control
Knowledge work
Cultural management

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Jana Costas; Dan Kärreman / Conscience as Control : Managing Employees through CSR .
In: Organization, Vol. 20, No. 3, 5.2013, p. 394-415
Journal article > peer review
Ester Barinaga; Dan Kärreman / Culture and Identity in Management Studies
In: Management: An Advanced Introduction. . ed. /Lars Strannegård; Alexander Styhre. Lund : Studentlitteratur 2013, p. 231-256
Book chapter > peer review
Mats Alvesson; Dan Kärreman / The Closing of Critique, Pluralism and Reflexivity : A Response to Hardy and Grant and Some Wider Reflections.
In: Human Relations, Vol. 66, No. 10, 10.2013, p. 1353-1371
Journal article > peer review
Mats Alvesson; Dan Kärreman / Kreativ metod : Skapa och lösa mysterier.
Stockholm : Liber 2012, 164 p.
Book > peer review
Johan Alvehus ; Dan Kärreman / Kunskapsorganisationer och kunskapsarbete
In: Organisationer, ledning och processer. ed. /Mats Alvesson; Stefan Sveningsson. Lund : Studentlitteratur 2012, p. 471-500
Book chapter > peer review
Dan Kärreman / Ledaren som översittare : Ledarskap genom skrämsel.
In: Ledarskapsmetaforer: Att förstå ledarskap i verkligheten. . ed. /Mats Alvesson ; André Lian Spicer. Lund : Studentlitteratur 2012, p. 209-230
Book chapter > peer review
Mats Alvesson; Dan Kärreman / Motivation i organisationer : Personalkoncept och drivkrafter.
In: Organisationer, ledning och processer. ed. /Mats Alvesson; Stefan Sveningsson. Lund : Studentlitteratur 2012, p. 351-380
Book chapter > peer review
Dan Kärreman; Jens Rennstam / Styrning : Beteenden, resultat och normer .
In: Organisationer, ledning och processer. ed. /Mats Alvesson; Stefan Sveningsson. Lund : Studentlitteratur 2012, p. 175-199
Book chapter > peer review
Mats Alvesson; Dan Kärreman / Decolonializing Discourse : Critical Reflections on Organizational Discourse Analysis.
In: Human Relations, Vol. 64, No. 9, 2011, p. 1121-1146
Journal article > peer review
Dan Kärreman / Leaders as Bullies : Leadership through Intimidation.
In: Metaphors We Lead By: Understanding Leadership in the Real World. . ed. /Mats Alvesson; André Spicer. London : Taylor & Francis 2011, p. 162-179
Book chapter > peer review
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