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Associate professor

Room: DH.V.2.05
E-mail: db.msc@cbs.dk

I have a background in the fields of film, philosophy, and cognitive science. I wrote my Ph.D. thesis on cognitive film theory (University of Kent, UK, completed 2005) and have worked as a postdoc in experimental cognitive psychology at the University of Copenhagen (2006-2009), Copenhagen Business School (2009-2013), and Lund University, Sweden (2012-2013). My research interests include visual communication and film, visual attention and eye movements, theories and models of emotion, and cultural influences on cognitive processes. I am the director of CogLab, a facility for conducting experimental research based at MSC. I currently teach and coordinate two elective courses on the subject of visual communication, and one core course on the subject of intercultural communication and management.

Primary research areas
  • visual communication and film
  • experimental cognitive psychology
  • visual attention and eye movements
  • theories and models of emotion
  • cultural influences on cognitive processes
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I teach and coordinate the following two elective courses in the Autumn semester:

  • BA-IMK elective course “Visual Communication” (BIMKV1008U)
  • MA-IBC elective course “Visual Communication” (CIBCV1503U): co-taught with Chris Zimmerman (MSC, Google); develops the content of the BA-IMK version of the course and includes a new module on data visualization

I teach and coordinate the following core course in the Spring semester:

  • HA European Business core course “Intercultural Communication and Management” (BEBUO1006U)

I also give guest lectures on the following courses:

  • BA-IMK elective course “Multimodal Communication” (BIMKO1020U)
  • MA-IBC core course “Project in International Business Communication” (CICOO1009U)
  • MSc core course “Experimental Methods” (CPSYO1802U) [Business Economics and Psychology]

I supervise Bachelor and Master thesis projects on a number of programmes at CBS. I have also supervised Master thesis projects on the MA “IT and Cognition” programme, University of Copenhagen, and the MSc “Neuroscience and Neuroimaging” programme, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. I am interested in supervising Bachelor and Master thesis projects on the subjects of visual communication, intercultural communication, and cognitive psychology – potential candidates are welcome to contact me.

Other teaching activities

I have worked as an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen: I have given guest lectures on the subject of cognition and emotion on the BA “Cognitive Psychology” programme, and have taught courses on both cognitive psychology and experimental methods on the MA “IT and Cognition” programme. I have also made several trips to China as part of the Sino-Danish Center (SDC) collaboration and have taught classes on cognitive science on the MSC “Neuroscience and Neuroimaging” programme, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.

Selected publications

Calbi, M., Siri, F., Heimann, K., Barratt, D., Galese, V., Kolesnikov, A., & Umiltà, M. A. (2019). How emotional context influences the interpretation of facial expressions: A source localization high-density EEG study on the “Kuleshov effect”. Scientific Reports, 9:2107. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-37786-y

Barratt, D., Bertram, R., & Nyström, M. (Eds.) (2018). Abstracts of the Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking (SWAET 2018). Journal of Eye Movement Research, 11(5). doi: 10.16910/jemr.11.5

Calbi, M., Heimann, K., Barratt, D., Siri, F., Umiltà, M. A., & Galese, V. (2017). How does context influence our perception of emotional faces? A behavioral study on the Kuleshov effect. Frontiers in Psychology, 4(8):1684. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.01684

Barratt, D., Rédei, A. C., Innes-Ker, Å., & van de Weijer, J. (2016). Does the Kuleshov effect really exist? Revisiting a classic film experiment on facial expressions and emotional contexts. Perception, 45(8), 847-874.

Smith, V., Barratt, D., & Sørensen, H. S. (2015). Do natural pictures mean natural tastes? Assessing visual semantics experimentally. Cognitive Semiotics, 8(1), 53-86.

Barratt, D. (2014). The geography of film viewing: What are the implications of cultural-cognitive differences for cognitive film theory? In T. Nannicelli & P. Taberham (Eds.), AFI Film Reader in Cognitive Media Theory (pp. 62-82). New York: Routledge.

Smith, V., Barratt, D., & Zlatev, J. (2014). Unpacking noun-noun compounds: Interpreting novel and conventional food names in isolation and on food labels. Cognitive Linguistics, 25(1), 99-147.

Barratt, D., & Bundesen, C. (2012). Attentional capture by emotional faces is contingent on attentional control settings. Cognition and Emotion, 26(7), 1223-1237.

Barratt, D. (2009). “Twist blindness”: The role of primacy, priming, schemas, and reconstructive memory in a first-time viewing of The Sixth Sense. In W. Buckland (Ed.), Puzzle Films: Complex Storytelling in Contemporary Cinema (pp. 62-86). Chichester: Blackwell.

Barratt, D. (2006). Tracing the routes to empathy: Association, appraisal, or simulation? Film Studies: An International Review, 8, 39-52.

Publications sorted by:
Daniel Barratt / Copying the Kuleshov Effect : Is Replication Possible?.
Paper presented at New Work in Understanding the Kuleshov Effect, 2023
Daniel Barratt; Tico Romao / Understanding Film Metaphor : A Renewed Case for Relevance.
Paper presented at Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image Conference 2023, 2023
Paper > peer review
Daniel Barratt / Images versus Words : What is the Difference between Visual and Verbal Communication?.
Paper presented at SCSMI 2022 Conference, 2022
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Viktor Smith; Daniel Barratt; Peter Møgelvang-Hansen; Alexander U. Wedel Andersen / Misleading Marketing Communication : Assessing the Impact of Potentially Deceptive Food Labelling on Consumer Behaviour.
Cham : Palgrave Macmillan 2022, 164 p.
Book > peer review
Viktor Smith; Daniel Barratt / Varefakta-mærket fra forbrugertillid til købsbeslutning. : Diagnostisk eyetracking-test af forbrugeres inddragelse af Varefakta-mærket i købsbeslutninger under simuleret e-handel.
København : Copenhagen Business School, CBS 2020, 29 p.
Marta Calbi ; Francesca Siri; Katrin Heimann; Daniel Barratt; Vittorio Gallese; Anna Kolesnikov; Maria Alessandra Umiltà / How Context Influences the Interpretation of Facial Expressions : A Source Localization High-density EEG Study on the “Kuleshov Effect”.
In: Scientific Reports, Vol. 9, No. 1, 14.2.2019
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In: International Journal of Language and Culture, Vol. 6, No. 2, 2019, p. 351–387
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Domicele Jonauskaite; Ahmed M. Abdel-Khalek; Ahmad Abu-Akel; Abdulrahman Saud Al-Rasheed; Jean-Philippe Antonietti; Árni Gunnar Ásgeirsson; Kokou Amenyona Atitsogbe; Marodégueba Barma; Daniel Barratt; Victoria Bogushevskaya; Maliha Khadidja Bouayed Meziane; Amer Chamseddine; Thammanard Charernboom; Eka Chkonia; Teofil Ciobanu; Violeta Corona; Allison Creed; Nele Dael; Hassan Daouk; Nevena Dimitrova; Cornelis B. Doorenbos; Sergejs Fomins; Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero; Augusta Gaspar; Alena Gizdic; Yulia A. Griber; Gina M. Grimshaw; Aya Ahmed Hasan; Jelena Havelka; Marco Hirnstein; Bodil S. A. Karlsson; Stephen Katembu; Jejoong Kim; Nikos Konstantinou; Eric Laurent; Marjaana Lindeman; Banu Manav; Lynn Marquardt; Philip Mefoh; Aleksandra Mroczko-Wąsowicz; Phillip Mutandwa; Georgette Ngabolo; Daniel Oberfeld; Marietta Papadatou-Pastou; Corinna M. Perchtold; Alicia Pérez-Albéniz; Niloufar Pouyan; Tanjir Rashid Soron; Maya Roinishvili; Lyudmyla Romanyuk; Alejandro Salgado Montejo; Aygun Sultanova; Ramiro Tau; Mari Uuskülabe; Suvi Vainio; Veronica Vargas-Soto; Eliz Volkan; Grażyna Wąsowicz; Sunčica Zdravković; Meng Zhang; Christine Mohr / The Sun Is no Fun without Rain : Physical Environments Affect How We Feel about Yellow across 55 Countries.
In: Journal of Environmental Psychology, Vol. 66, 12.2019
Journal article > peer review
Daniel Barratt (Editor) ; Raymond Bertram (Editor) ; Marcus Nyström (Editor) / Abstracts of the Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking (SWAET 2018)
Bern : Bern Open Publications The Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking. SWAET 2018, 2018, 41 p. (Journal of Eye Movement Research, No. 5, Vol. 11)
Anthology > peer review
Marta Calbi ; Katrin Heimann; Daniel Barratt; Francesca Siri; Maria A. Umiltà; Vittorio Gallese / How Context Influences Our Perception of Emotional Faces : A Behavioral Study on the Kuleshov Effect.
In: Frontiers in Psychology, Vol. 8, 4.10.2017
Journal article > peer review
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