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Adriana Budeanu is an Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School doing research in the area of sustainable tourism and international business, sustainable consumption and lifestyles, corporate social responsibility in tourism supply chains, service innovation and event management. Her latest project work includes developing e-learning modules on sustainable tourism subjects and working with regional networks to develop sustainable mobility strategies. Adriana’s current and future research interests focus largely on sustainability performance in international businesses and on sustainable service innovation.

Primary research areas
  • International Business
  • Strategic environmental and supply chain management
  • Tourism management and sustainability
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Regional networks and public policy for sustainable tourism
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Mandatory courses:
Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Service Organizations (MSc. Service Management);
Human Resource Management (MSc Service Management) - in 2009
Business & Society (HA-SEM)

Electives (proposed):
Sustainable Consumption (MSc in International Business);
Sustainable Tourism: Theory and Practice (HA-SEM)


Thesis supervised include topics related to: corporate social responsibility, sustainable event management and branding, tourism social media, employee motivation for eco-practice, environmental management in hotels.

Other teaching activities

Work related to the PRME initiative in CBS: teaching during "CSR Day", curricula development, part of the CEMS faculty group on "Business & Environment".

Selected publications
  • Budeanu, A., (2013) Sustainability and Tourism Social Media. In A.M. Munar, S. Gyimóthy, L. Cai (eds.), Tourism and Social Media: A new research agenda, Tourism Social Science Series. London: Emerald
  • Budeanu, A., Støle, E. (2012) Strategic dimensions of hosting sustainable events. In T. Pernecky, M. Lück (eds.), Events, Society and Sustainability, New York: Routledge.
  • Budeanu, A. (2009). Environmental Supply Chain Management in tourism: the case of large tour operators. Journal for Cleaner Production 17(16): 1385-1392.
  • Budeanu, A. (2007). Sustainable tourist behaviour. International Journal of Consumer Studies. 31 (5) 2007.
  • Budeanu, A. (2007). Facilitating Transitions to Sustainable Tourism – The role of tour operators. Doctoral Dissertation. Lund: 2007:4 .
Publications sorted by:
Adriana Budeanu / Foreword
In: Asian Tourism Sustainability. ed. /Ann Selvaranee Balasingam; Yue Ma. Singapore : Springer 2022, p. v-vii (Perspectives on Asian Tourism)
Adriana Budeanu / Letter from Adriana Budeanu
In: Women's Voices in Tourism Research: Contributions to Knowledge and Letters to Future Generations. . ed. /Antonia Correia; Sara Dolnicar. Brisbane : The University of Queensland 2021, p. 514
Book chapter
Adriana Budeanu / Practices of Sustainable Tourism
In: Women's Voices in Tourism Research: Contributions to Knowledge and Letters to Future Generations. . ed. /Antonia Correia; Sara Dolnicar. Brisbane : The University of Queensland 2021, p. 63-64
Book chapter
Stefano Ponte; Christine Noe; Opportuna Kweka; Baruani Mshale; Emmanuel Sulle; Daniel Brockington; Elikana Kalumanga; Rasul Ahmed Minja; Adriana Budeanu; Asubisye Mwamfupe; Lasse Folke Henriksen; Mette Fog Olwig; Pilly Silvano; Faraja Namkesa; Ruth John; Robert Katikiro; Mathew Bukhi Mabele / New Partnerships for Sustainability (NEPSUS) : Concepts, Research Design and Methodologies.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School, CBS 2017, 34 p. (NEPSUS Working Paper, No. 1, Vol. 2017)
Working paper
Christine Noe; Adriana Budeanu; Emmanuel Sulle; Mette Fog Olwig; Dan Brockington; Ruth John / Partnerships for Wildlife Protection and their Sustainability Outcomes : A Literature Review.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School, CBS 2017, 27 p. (NEPSUS Working Paper, No. 2017/2)
Working paper
Adriana Budeanu / Tourism and Conservation : A Critical Look at the Relationship between Rhetoric and Practice.
In: 2017 Critical Tourism Studies Proceedings. CTS 7. ed. /Kellee Caton. Kamloops, BC : Thompson Rivers University 2017, 1 p.
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
Ana Maria Munar; Adriana Budeanu; Cecilia de Bernardi / What is a Good Tourism Academic? What is a Good Tourism Academy?
Abstract from 26th Nordic Symposium of Tourism and Hospitality Research, 2017
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Adriana Budeanu (Editor) ; Graham Miller (Editor) ; Gianna Moscardo (Editor) ; Can-Seng Ooi (Editor) / Special Volume: Sustainable Tourism : Progress, Challenges and Opportunities.
Amsterdam : Elsevier 2016, 255 p. (Journal of Cleaner Production, No. Part B, Vol. 111)
Anthology > peer review
Adriana Budeanu; Graham Miller; Gianna Moscardo; Can-Seng Ooi / Sustainable Tourism: Progress Challenges and Opportunities : An Introduction.
In: Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 111, No. Part B, 2016, p. 285–294
Journal article > peer review
Adriana Budeanu / The 23rd Nordic Symposium for Tourism and Hospitality Research : The Value(s) of Tourism : 1–4 October 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark.
In: Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Research, Vol. 26, No. 3, The 23rd Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research, 2015, p. 480-482
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Research Projects
Outside activities


  • Member in the Advisory Board of the research project “Rethinking urban tourism development: Dealing with sustainability in the age of over-tourism” , Department of strategic communication, Lund University, 2019-2023
  • Member in the Advisory Board of the Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger, 2014-