• 26.05.2020

    Invitation to Power BI online workshop

    Power BI is the ideal tool if you want to visualize and present your data in an easy, stylish, and meaningful way thereby making the implications of your data clear as crystal to your readers. Sign up and join the online introduction.
  • 06.05.2020

    Guide about references

    What should the references on the bibliography look like? And how do I cite sources correctly in my text? See examples of correct citing and referencing in a new guide from CBS Library.
  • 28.04.2020

    Library2Go at CBS Library

    CBS Library has launched a temporary take-out service. This means that you will be able to get hold of items from CBS Library, return your loans, order from other libraries, and more while CBS campus is closed.
  • 05.04.2020

    Online accounting dictionaries now at CBS

    It just got easier to look-up accounting terms. In Regnskabsordbøgerne (Accounting dictionaries) you'll find definitions and translations of Danish and English terms in the fields of accounting, auditing , and management control. You can download the dictionaries to your desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • 31.03.2020

    Everything you need to know about methodology

    Need reliable sources for your methodology? In that case SAGE Research Methods is a good place to start. Whether you are brand new to methodology and need help selecting and understanding the paths available to you, or a seasoned methods wizard who wants to explore the theory behind and find case-based inspiration, Sage Research Methods is just the place to go.
  • 12.03.2020

    Easy access to newspapers and magazines worldwide

    Are you into fashion or travel magazines or maybe hunting and cars? There is something for everyone in PressReader that CBS Library provides access to. PressReader is a super-simple platform with thousands of newspapers and magazines. Follow the news around the world or dive into some of the magazines you love most.