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  • Center for Corporate Governance
PhD fellow

Room: SOL/C5.14

Christina is employed as a PhD fellow at Center for Corporate Governance, Copenhagen Business School. She holds a Master degree in Finance and Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School, combined with studies abroad at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Sao Paolo. She brings six+ years of international experience as marketing and investor relations professional from the private sector.

Inspired by the outbreak of corporate scandals since 2000, Christina’s research includes corporate responsibility, corporate governance failures, industrial foundations as well as corporate scandals. Through a quantitative method, she seeks to examine if effective CSR can prevent scandals and if foundation-owned companies behave more responsible than other companies do. She hypothesizes that there might exist a lack of integration of CSR in companies, and consequently that the CSR rating methodology can appear misleading.

Primary research areas
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Industrial foundations
  • Corporate scandals
  • Corporate governance failures
  • CSR rating methodology
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Christina Kjær / Virk­som­heds­ansvar kan kræ­ve ofre på bund­linj­en, men er guld værd på lang sigt
In:, 31.5.2020
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