Department of Strategy and Innovation

Stefan Kirkegaad
External lecturer

Stefan Kirkegaard Sløk-Madsen
Presentation and academic fields

Before my PhD, I worked in private equity and had an IT start-up. I also have some public experience. I currently work as Head of Education at CEPOS. My teaching is wide; from sales and price setting to the history of economic thought. My research is mainly policy-oriented these days. I also host the popular EconRoots podcast and I am often used for commentary in the media.


Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

Has attended teaching courses at CBS.

Teaching experience includes:

  • Lectures (primarily one-way teaching);
  • Classroom teaching (with student interaction);
  • Case-based teaching;
  • Exercises (hands-on skills training);
  • Supervision of smaller projects;
  • Supervision of bachelor thesis;
  • Supervision of master thesis;
  • Online teaching;
  • Supervision of groups.
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