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Room: KIL/14.A-3.69
E-mail: jcl.si@cbs.dk
  • Jörg Claussen is an associate professor at LMU Munich and a part-time assistant professor in the Department for Innovation and Organizational Economics at Copenhagen Business School. He finished his PhD on “Product and Organization Design for Dynamic Environments” at LMU Munich in 2011 and worked as a Postdoc at the Ifo Institute for Economic Research in Munich before joining Copenhagen Business School in 2012.
  • His research interests include questions of organization design (e.g. how uncertainty affects the relative performance of markets and hierarchies) as well as of applied industrial organization (e.g. how network effects can be transferred across technological generations).
Primary research areas
  • Content: Strategy & organization
  • Methods: Large-scale empirical studies
  • Industries: Creative and high-tech industries
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Management and Economics of Innovation (Graduate Diploma in Innovation Management)


Other teaching activities

Selected publications
  • Demand variation, strategic flexibility and market entry: Evidence from the U.S. airline industry (with Christian Essling and Christian Peukert). Strategic Management Journal, 39 (11), 2018, 2877-2898.
  • Online Copyright Enforcement, Consumer Behavior, and Market Structure (with Luis Aguiar and Christian Peukert). Information Systems Research, 29 (3), 2018, 656-678.
  • Generational Transitions in Platform Markets – The Role of Backward Compatibility (with Tobias Kretschmer). Strategy Science, 1 (2), 2016, 90-104.
  • When Less Can Be More – Setting Technology Levels in Complementary Goods Markets (with Christian Essling and Tobias Kretschmer). Research Policy, 44 (2), 2015, 328-339.
  • Vertical Scope, Turbulence and the Benefits of Commitment and Flexibility (with Tobias Kretschmer and Nils Stieglitz). Management Science, 61 (4), 2015, 915-929.
  • the Effects of Rewarding User Engagement: The Case of Facebook Apps (with Tobias Kretschmer and Philip Mayrhofer). Information Systems Research, 24 (1), 2013, 186-200.


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Michail Batikas; Jörg Claussen; Christian Peukert / Follow the Money : Online Piracy and Self-regulation in the Advertising Industry.
In: International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 65, 7.2019, p. 121-151
Journal article > peer review
Jörg Claussen; Christian Peukert; Ananya Sen / The Editor vs. the Algorithm
Paper presented at CESifo Area Conference on Global Economy. CESifo Conference Centre, 2019
Jörg Claussen; Maria Halbinger / The Role of Pre-innovation Platform Activity for Diffusion Success : Evidence from Consumer Innovations on a 3D Printing Platform.
: SSRN: Social Science Research Network 2019, 38 p. (Baruch College Zicklin School of Business Research Paper, No. 2019-10-01)
Working paper
Jörg Claussen; Maria Halbinger / When Users Become Innovators : The Role of Pre-innovation Community Experience in a 3D Printing Platform.
Paper presented at DRUID19 Conference, 2019
Paper > peer review
Johannes Loh; Pooyan Khashabi; Jörg Claussen; Tobias Kretschmer / Who Is Gone after an Acquisition? : Evidence from the U.S. Video Game Industry.
Paper presented at DRUID19 Conference, 2019
Paper > peer review
Eszter Czibor; Jörg Claussen; Mirjam Van Praag / Women in a Men’s World : Risk Taking in an Online Card Game Community.
In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Vol. 158, 2.2019, p. 62-89
Journal article > peer review
Luis Aguiar; Jörg Claussen; Christian Peukert / Catch Me if You Can : Effectiveness and Consequences of Online Copyright Enforcement.
In: Information Systems Research, Vol. 29, No. 3, 9.2018, p. 656–678
Journal article > peer review
Jörg Claussen; Christian Essling; Christian Peukert / Demand Variation, Strategic Flexibility and Market Entry : Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry.
In: Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 39, No. 11, 2018, p. 2877-2898
Journal article > peer review
Michail Batikas; Jörg Claussen; Christian Peukert / Follow The Money : Online Piracy and Self-Regulation in the Advertising Industry.
Munich : IFO Institute, Center for Economic Studies (CES) 2018, 31 p. (CESifo Working Paper, No. 6852)
Working paper
Jörg Claussen; Pooyan Khashabi; Tobias Kretschmer; Mareike Seifried / Knowledge Work in the Sharing Economy : What Drives Project Success in Online Labor Markets?.
Paper presented at DRUID18 Conference, 2018
Paper > peer review
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