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CBS Maritime

The research of the department is always driven by a curiosity for understanding real-life phenomena and primarily builds on solid empirical foundations, ranging from register data to survey data to grounded interviews to field experiments. The studied phenomena may be general to all industries, or may be specific to certain industries e.g. within a specified sector. One of these sectors is the maritime sector, in a national as well as international context.

CBS Maritime was established with a 5 year grant from CBS in 2014 and has attracted various external funding to support the hiring of new staff and research projects.
CBS Maritime is committed to addressing the big question of how to achieve economic and social progress in the maritime industry and aims to create strong partnerships with primary stake holders, partners from the maritime industry, as well as similar research environments at relevant universities and business schools.
CBS Maritime bridges classical management disciplines (e.g. economics and finance, organisation, marketing, management and accounting, logistics and operations research) with neighbouring disciplines that place business in a broader societal context (e.g. business and economic history, law, economic geography, political science, sociology and information systems research).
The research profile is thus based on longstanding business school traditions, and it involves the ability to model, calculate and optimise different business issues but also a critical stance towards methodological and disciplinary constraints.

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