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MADE – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark

MADE works with research, innovation and education for the Danish manufacturing industry. Through an innovative collaboration between companies, universities, and RTO's, MADE's mission is to ensure that Denmark remains a world-class manufacturing nation in the future.

How do Danish manufacturing companies deal with the digital opportunities and the business case of implementing specific digital technologies?

Robots, 3D printing, augmented reality and smart industrial products. There is a wave of digital technologies that can optimize production and create new business opportunities for Danish manufacturing companies.

But many companies, SMEs in particular, lack the tools and knowledge to identify and implement the relevant technologies. As an example, smart industrial products provide the possibility of selling a product including a service package, as digital products can communicate the need for maintenance. However, this requires changes in the organization and the business model, to enable the company to obtain the benefits of introducing smart industrial products. 

Researchers from the Department of Strategy and Innovation are heavily involved in the project MADE Digital with a speciale focus on the organization of digital production. The aim is to develop models that help companies to choose the relevant technologies and make the necessary organizational or business model changes to earn the benefits of applying new technology. Hence, the researchers work with the organizational and commercial challenges that arise both before and after the implementation of new digital solutions.

Please direct any questions to Torben Pedersen, professor, CBS, and Work Package Leader in MADE. 


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