Department of Strategy and Innovation


Department of Strategy and Innovation is the host of a series of research seminars where distinguished guests present their current research.

All seminars will either take place online via Zoom, or in our Seminar room (Kilen - KL.2.53)


Spring 2022

03 March - SI Seminar with Jean-Philippe Vergne from University of London. Location:  Time: 1pm -2pm

17 March - SI Seminar with Brian Wu from University of Michigan. Time: 3pm - 4pm, Zoom link: Please contact

31 March - SI Seminar with Mike Gill from Oxford University.  Location: KL.2.53, Time: 1 pm - 2pm

04 May - SI Seminar with Claudio Panico from Bocconi University. Location: KL.2.53, Time: 1 pm - 2pm

17 May - SI Seminar with Dennis Park from University of Texas at Dallas.  (KL.2.53, Time: 1 pm - 2pm)

19 May - SI Seminar with Ruth Aguilera from Northeastern University. (KL.2.53, Time: 1 pm - 2pm)

25 May - SI Seminar with Emilio Castilla from MIT (KL.2.53, Time: 1 pm - 2pm)

31 May - SI Seminar with Gordon Burtch from Boston University.

Summer 2022

02 June SI Seminar with Dabqing Wang from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technologys -Time: 1 pm - 2pm - Zoom link: Please contact

09 June - SI Seminar with Theresa Veer from University of Tübingen.  (KL.2.53, Time: 2 pm - 3pm)

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