Department of Strategy and Innovation


The Department of Strategy and Innovation is a research intensive department within four main areas, namely Strategy and Innovation - as indicated by the name - as well as Entrepreneurship and International Business.

The department’s ambition is to create an internationally leading environment for research and teaching in strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and international business. The theoretical foundation for research in these areas is eclectic, combining strategy and internationalization theory with insights from organizational economics, sociology, psychology, and economic geography. The study of strategy and innovation has traditionally occupied a central position in the department’s research profile, whereas the study of entrepreneurship has developed through the recent years. Methodologically, the department places considerable emphasis on empirical methods, featuring qualitative interview studies, surveys, register data, or experiments.

Our primary research outlet is publications, but we are also involved in various research collaborations with external partners. Some of our projects are described in more detail in the left side menu. 


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