Department of Organization

External Lecturer

My research interests revolve around organization studies and in particular organizational changes. My research project seeks to investigate and illuminate how employees and leaders make sense of organizational changes in a Nordic bank. The Financial industry is changing and so are the banks. Hence, this research project tries to investigate how employees and leaders experience organizational changes, when changes have become part of the everyday activities of the organization. Theoretically, the research project is grounded in a process-philosophical approach to organizational changes often referred to as ‘Organizational becoming’.
In addition, I have an interest in exploring and applying qualitative methods, circulating around ethnographic fieldwork, shadowing and narrative interviews. A special interest has been in exploring the role as ‘insider’, being employed in the organization studied.
Primary research areas:
•    Organizational change
•    Sensemaking in organizations
•    Organizational becoming
•    Ethnographic fieldwork
•    Organization studies
Selected publications: 
Bruskin, Signe (2018) 'Insider or outsider? Exploring the fluidity of the roles through social identity theory', Journal of Organizational Ethnography