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Room: KIL/14.A-3.46
E-mail: oh.ioa@cbs.dk
Oddny Helgadottir

Oddný Helgadóttir is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Business and Politics. Her work is interdisciplinary, situated at the intersection of International Political Economy, the sociology of professions and the history of economic ideas, with a particular focus on the production and legitimization of economic knowledge. Oddný did her graduate work at Brown University and has been a visiting fellow at the European University Institute and Copenhagen Business School. She is currently part of a team working on the Horizon 2020 project ‘Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators’ (COFFERS).

Primary research areas

•    Macroeconomic ideas and growth models
•    International taxation and inequality
•    Scientific and policy paradigms in macroeconomics
•    Financialization and shadow banking
•    Experts and professions

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Selected publications

Peer-reviewed research

“Banking upside down: the implicit politics of shadow banking expertise”, Review of
International Political Economy, 23 (6), 2016: 915-940.

 “The Bocconi Boys go to Brussels: Italian economic ideas, professional networks and
European austerity”, Journal of European Public Policy, 23 (3), 2016: 392-409.

 “Ideas and Historical Institutionalism”, in Orfeo Fioretos, Tulia G. Falleti, and Adam
Sheingate (eds.) with Mark Blyth and William Kring. Oxford Handbook of Historical
Institutionalism. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2016: 142-162.

Other Research

“Embedding Groupthink: Assessing the Spread of Neoliberal Ideas and Influence” New Directions in International Political Economy,  with Leonard Seabrooke, Cornel Ban, Emilie Nilsson and Kevin Young. 2015.

In the media

“No, the Pirates didn’t win Iceland’s elections. Here is what happened instead”, Washington Post/Monkey Cage, 2016

“The Panama Papers made Iceland’s prime minister resign. Here is why”, Washington
Post/Monkey Cage, 2016

“What We Fail to Talk About When We Talk About the Reinhart-Rogoff Austerity
Debacle”, NPR Cognoscenti, with Cornel Ban, 2013


Publications sorted by:
Oddný Helgadóttir / Case Study: The Art of Offshore : Tax Avoidance and Unseen Artworks in the New Luxury Freeports.
Utrecht : Coffers 2019, 17 p. (Coffers Project Deliverables, No. D4.7)
Working paper
Oddný Helgadóttir / El sistema bancario en la sombra
In: Politica Exterior, Vol. 33, No. 192, 2019, p. 62-70
Journal article
Oddný Helgadóttir / The Crisis of Macroeconomics : Finance and Inequality in Post-crisis Scholarship.
Cluj : Babeș-Bolyai University 30.9.2019
Net publication - Internet publication
Rasmus Corlin Christensen; Oddný Helgadóttir; Jakob Laage-Thomsen; Leonard Seabrooke; Saila Stausholm; Duncan Wigan / Tracing Corporate Forms Across Sectors
Utrecht : Coffers 2019, 23 p. (Coffers Project Deliverables, No. D4.8)
Working paper
Oddný Helgadóttir / Banking Upside Down : The Implicit Politics of Shadow Banking Expertise.
In: Review of International Political Economy, Vol. 23, No. 6, 2016, p. 915-940
Journal article > peer review
Oddný Helgadóttir; Mark Blyth; William Kring / Ideas and Historical Institutionalism
In: Oxford Handbook of Historical Institutionalism. ed. /Orfeo Fioretos; Tulia G. Falleti; Adam Sheingate. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2016, p. 142-162
Book chapter > peer review
Oddný Helgadóttir / The Bocconi Boys go to Brussels : Italian Economic Ideas, Professional Networks and European Austerity.
In: Journal of European Public Policy, Vol. 23, No. 3, 2016, p. 392-409
Journal article > peer review
Leonard Seabrooke; Cornel Ban; Oddný Helgadóttir; Emelie Rebecca Nilsson; Kevin Young / Embedding GroupThink : Assessing the Spread of Neoliberal Ideas and Influence.
Paper presented at Warwick 50th Anniversary Conference on New Directions in International Political Economy, 2015
Paper > peer review
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