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Miriam Feuls is a PostDoc at the Department of Organization. Her primary research areas are organization and management theory, creativity and innovation, and innovation and organization. Her work is interdisciplinary, but tends to center on temporality, the role of future in organizations, and interconnectedness, which she has empirically researched in the context of food, sustainability, creative businesses, (digital) technology, and social media.

Currently, as part of the VELUX project on “temporality of food innovation”, she conducts research on the role of time and temporality in processes concerning innovating towards a sustainable future.

Primary research areas
•    Organization and management theory
•    Creativity and innovation
•    Innovation and organization
•    Temporality
•    Processual relational sociology

Curriculum Vitae
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BSc in Business Administration and Service Management: Organizational Behavior

M.Soc. Management of Creative Business Processes (CBP): Managing Creative and Innovative Organizations



M.Soc. Management of Creative Business Processes (CBP), M.Sc. Strategy, Organization and Leadership (SOL), M.Sc. Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Supervision of MA thesis, (Creative) Business Projects, and Internships

Selected publications
Stierand, M., Boje, D., Glaveanu, V., Dörfler, V., Haley, U., & Feuls, M. 2019. Paradoxes of ‘having an idea’: examining the creative process through an antenarrative lens. The Journal of Creative Behavior, 53(2), 165–170.

Feuls, M. 2018. Understanding culinary innovation as relational – insights from Tarde’s relational sociology. Creativity and Innovation Management Journal (CIM), 27(2), 161–168.

Feuls, M., Fieseler, C., Meckel, M., & Suphan, A. 2016. The Third Space: Being Unemployed in the Age of Social Media. New Media & Society, 18(6), 944–965.

Feuls, M., Fieseler, C., & Suphan, A. 2014. A Social Net? Internet and Social Media Use during Unemployment. Work, Employment & Society, 28(4), 551–570.
Publications List
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Miriam Feuls; Marc Stierand; Viktor Dörfler; David M. Boje; Usha C. V. Haley / Exploring Practices of Managing Creativity : A Qualitative Meta-analysis of Narratives from Haute Cuisine.
Paper presented at 20th International CINet Conference, 2019
Paper > peer review
Marc Stierand; David M. Boje; Vlad Gläveanu; Viktor Dörfler; Usha C. V. Haley; Miriam Feuls / Paradoxes of "Creativity" : Examining the Creative Process Through an Antenarrative Lens.
In: The Journal of Creative Behavior, Vol. 53, No. 2, 6.2019, p. 165-170
Journal article > peer review
Miriam Feuls / Understanding Culinary Innovation as Relational : Insights from Tarde's Relational Sociology.
In: Creativity and Innovation Management, Vol. 27, No. 2, 6.2018, p. 161-168
Journal article > peer review
Miriam Feuls; Christian Fieseler; Miriam Meckel; Anne Suphan / Being Unemployed in the Age of Social Media
In: New Media & Society, Vol. 18, No. 6, 6.2016, p. 944-965
Journal article > peer review
Miriam Feuls; Christian Fieseler; Anne Suphan / A Social Net? : Internet and Social Media Use during Unemployment.
In: Work, Employment and Society, Vol. 28, No. 4, 8.2014, p. 551-570
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