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Federico Jensen
I am pursuing a double-Ph.D. degree at Copenhagen Business School, Department of Organization, and at the Sino-Danish center for education and research, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. 
My research studies the rising role of China on shipping and transport networks and the impact this has on power dynamics in the global economy with a special focus on the “greening” of transport. I am generally interested in state-capital relations and their interactions in relation to sustainability practices and structural change. This project is financed by the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research.
Prior to this project, I have studied Sustainable Industrialization practices in Ethiopia, focusing on the growing apparel sector in the country, based in ‘Eco-Industrial Parks’.


Primary research areas
Green ports and green shipping
International Political economy 
Critical logistics
Industrial Policy
Global Value chains and Global Production Networks


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Teaching at the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research in Beijing, Public Management and Social Development master’s program.
IPE course at IBP bachelor’s program.
Selected publications

Jensen, Federico, "Constraints on eco-industrial development in the context of global production networks: The case of Ethiopian eco-industrial parks", CAE Working Paper 2020: 1.

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Morten Thanning Vendelø; Julie Uldam; Karl-Heinz Pogner; Andreas Wieland; Erin Leitheiser; Sof Thrane; Joana Geraldi; Duncan Wigan; Stefano Ponte; Lisa Ann Richey; Søren Jeppesen; Christoph Houman Ellersgaard; Søren Lund Frandsen; Jacob Hasselbalch; Lotte Thomsen; Sönnich Dahl Sönnichsen; Florence Villeséche; Marcus Valiant Lantz; Stine Haakonsson; Lasse Folke Henriksen; Federico Jensen; Morten Ougaard; Tine Walravens; Jakob Lindahl; Michael Prehn; Andrew Crabtree; Joachim Lund; Ursula Plesner; / Danmark bør indføre klimaskat nu
In: Politiken, 13.12.2020, p. 1
Contribution to newspaper - Comment/debate
Federico Jensen / I en sårbar verden er det ikke smart, at det kræver en indsats i 40 lande at udskifte din iPhone
In: Politiken, 9.5.2020, p. 6
Contribution to newspaper - Comment/debate
Federico Jensen; Malene Eilersen / Shippingindustrien har for længe haft fripas til at ødelægge miljøet
In: Information, 15.12.2020, p. 16-17
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Roskilde University (January - March)
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Roskilde University (December)
Research Assistant