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External lecturer

+45 24 777 660 / +49 173 4444 572
E-mail: mja.om@cbs.dk

In 2015, Martin started his industrial PhD studies in collaboration with the GN Group, a global manufacturer of hearing and communication devices (9.6 billion DKK revenues; www.gn.com). He was fully employed by the firm as a pricing and value analyst for three years, and at the same time conducted pricing research at CBS. The main idea of the industrial PhD project was to advance the dialogue between theoretical pricing research and actual pricing practices of firms.

After completion of the PhD degree on ‘Organizing for Pricing’, Martin started working at TDC Group, Denmark’s largest telecommunications company (20.3 billion DKK revenues; www.tdcgroup.com). Here, he is employed as a strategic pricing manager in the group strategy department, where he defines pricing strategies and runs pricing projects across brands and product lines. At the same time, he continues teaching the course ‘Pricing Management’ as an external lecturer together with Sof Thrane and Giulio Zichella.

Pricing areas of interest and expertise:

  • Value-based pricing
  • Behavioral and psychological factors affecting pricing decisions and willingness-to-pay (e.g. intuition and irrationality)
  • Digital pricing and subscription-based business models
  • Pricing organization, structures, processes and designs
  • Price discounting, price approvals and delegation of pricing authority
  • Business model innovation & servitization
Primary research areas
  • Pricing & Value
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Business Development
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Pricing Management (bachelor and executive level)