Department of Marketing

Teaching associate professor

Room: SOL/D2.42

Brands and branding have always caught my attention, and I have spent 20+ years trying to understand what they are (really) about. My conclusion so far is that brands are magic – an ever-evolving elusive concept that ties together several areas such as strategy, communication, marketing, organizational culture etcetera. We can understand them from a corporate, a consumer, and a cultural perspective. Anyone can have an opinion but truly understanding them is an ongoing journey.

I have been teaching at Copenhagen Business School since 2008 where I was first employed as a teaching assistant and then – from 2012 - as an external lecturer. In 2022, I was recruited as a Teaching Associate Professor. I began teaching after my Master's thesis turned into an international textbook. The rest is part of my work history; I have always enjoyed teaching – primarily with material from the textbook which is now in its third edition - ever since.

I have also worked as a branding consultant for many years, and have always enjoyed the inspiration found in combining theory and practice. I have experience with a wide variety of clients, large and small, and with short-term strategic assignments as well as long-term implementation and business development processes.

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Strategic Brand Management, Cand. Merc. Elective

Strategisk Brand Management, HD Elective

Brand Orientation, Performance and Equity, Brand Communication Management course

Strategisk Markedsføringsplanlægning, Økonomisk Markedsføring


I supervise Master theses in the areas of branding, consumer behavior, marketing, and communication. Furthermore, I supervise HD Praktisk Seminar and HD projects.

Other teaching activities

The Danish School of Media and Journalism

The Royal Danish Academy (Master of Design)

Selected publications

2020: ”Brand Management: Mastering Research, Theory, and Practice”, 3rd ed,

Co-authors: Charlotte Knudtzen and Mogens Bjerre. Peer-reviewed. London: Routledge.

US: Taylor & Francis

2016: ”Brand Management: Research, Theory, and Practice”, 2nd edition. ”, London:

Routledge (English). Co-authors: Charlotte Knudtzen and Mogens Bjerre.


2016: Online learning site to go with the textbook

2013: Brand-strategier, in ”Markedskommunikation i praksis”, University of Southern

Denmark (Danish)

2009: Brand management textbook: “Brand Management: Research, Theory and

Practice”, 1st edition, London: Routledge (English). Co-authors: Charlotte Knudtzen

and Mogens Bjerre

2008: ”Using the Dynamic Paradigm Funnel to Analyse Brand Management”

(co-authors Charlotte F. Knudtzen and Mogens Bjerre) - in the anthology: ”Strategic

Market Creation”, Wiltshire: Wiley (eds K. Tollin and A. Caru) (English)

Outside activities
  • Occasional consultating gigs
  • Board member (Deputy Chairman), Skolen ved Havet
  • Advisory Board, Egeværk