Ekstern lektor

Department of Marketing

Østergaard Jacobsen
External lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

My key competencies are: Big Data Business Models CRM Customer Journey Data Digitalization Disruption Loyalty Marketing Mindset Mobilization Retail Strategy

Professional and/or academic experience

Lecturing since 2008 + 110 supervisor jobs ( Master level) I have published 14 books and some papers Deep experience from more than 100 projects in the industry. Participated in several major research projects within Big Data and Digitalization, as well as the world's largest study of loyalty clubs. Active in startups since 2002.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

I supervise in the fields of Big Data, Business Models, CRM, Customer Journeys, Data, Digitalization, Disruption, Loyalty, Marketing Mindset, Mobilization, Retail and Strategy Strategy

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