Department of Marketing

Teaching associate professor

Room: SOL/C3.22
E-mail: dst.marktg@cbs.dk

My research interests are in the broad field of interpretive consumer research, focusing on experiential and symbolic aspects and processes related to the interaction between culture, identity and consumption.

I am highly engaged in teaching, and my ambition is to facilitate meaningful student learning experiences through high pedagogical quality and academic standards, based on research-based, active, and problem-based teaching and learning.

Given my devotion to research-based teaching, my research interests are strongly reflected in the topics, structures, and curricula of the courses, I develop, manage, and teach. These courses are within business-to-consumer marketing, consumer behaviour, and market research methods, and are based on a strong and holistic market-orientation. Recent examples of course development subjects are sustainable consumption and transformative consumer research.

Also, I seize the opportunities to continue to develop and enhance student learning experiences, using the ressources and technology available to us at any time. Thus, I am part of several teaching teams working with the development and teaching of blended and/or fully online courses, and have experience with learning materials and methods (e.g. video and audio tools, with quizzes, rubrics, and peer-grading processes) that integrate on-campus and digital learning environments.

Primary research areas
  • Business-to-consumer marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Market research methods
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Publications sorted by:
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John F. Sherry; Robert V. Kozinets; Diana Storm; Adam Duhachek; Krittinee Nuttavuthisit; Benét Deberry-Spence / Being in the Zone : Staging Retail Theater at ESPN Zone Chicago.
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