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Room: DH.V.2.31
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M.Sc. in Management and Administrative Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, Dr. rer. pol. in Information Systems at the University of Marburg, PD in Business Administration from the University of Hamburg. Visiting research professor at New York University's Stern School of Business. Associate professor in organizational communication at the Department of Management, Society and Communication at Copenhagen Business School.

Primary research areas
  • Organizational communication
  • Organization theory
  • Organization as communication
  • Network analysis
  • Social media
Social media
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  • The Organization and Its Communication (BA-BEOKO)
  • Corporate Communication (BA-BEOKO)
  • Organizational Communication I: Structures and Dynamics (KAN-CICOO)
  • BA
  • MA
  • PhD
Selected publications
  • Schoeneborn, D., Blaschke, S., Cooren, F., McPhee, R. D., Seidl, D., & Taylor, J. R. (2014). The Three Schools of CCO Thinking: Interactive Dialogue and Systematic Comparison. Management Communication Quarterly, 28(2), in print.
  • Blaschke, S., Frost, J., & Hattke, F. (2014). Towards a Micro Foundation of Leadership, Governance, and Management in Universities. Higher Education, 67, in print.
  • Blaschke, S., Schoeneborn, D., & Seidl, D. (2012). Organizations as Networks of Communication Episodes: Turning the Network Perspective Inside Out. Organization Studies, 33(7), 879--906.
  • Schoeneborn, D., Blaschke, S., & Kaufmann, I. (2013). Reconceptualizing Anthropomorphic Metaphors in Organization Studies: The Pathology of Organizational Insomnia. Journal of Management Inquiry, 22(4), 435--450.
  • Blaschke, S. (2009). The Autopoiesis of Organizational Knowledge, Learning, and Memory. In R. Magalhães & R. Sanchez (Eds.), Autopoiesis in Organization Theory and Practice (pp. 215--231). Bingley: Emerald.
Outside activities

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