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Rikke Rønholt
PhD fellow

Room: DH.V.2.16
E-mail: rra.msc@cbs.dk
Rikke Rønholt Albertsen

My overarching interest is exploring and understanding the gap between the espoused sustainability objectives of corporate companies, and their actual contribution to sustainability in absolute terms.

In particular, I am interested in how organisations respond to paradoxical tensions, ambiguity and uncertainty in relation to sustainability. My PhD project observes how different organisational structures and management practices (from hierarchical to post-bureaucratic) navigate these conditions.

Primary research areas
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Paradox  and Integrative Thinking
  • Post Bureaucratic Practices
  • Sustainability Implementation Gap
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Selected publications

Highlighted Publication

Albertsen, R. R., Ansari, S. (Shaz), Heucher, K., Krautzberger, M., Langley, A., Reinecke, P. C., Slawinski, N., & Vaara, E. (2023). Strategizing Together for a Better World: Institutional, Paradox and Practice Theories in Conversation. Journal of Management Inquiry, . https://doi.org/10.1177/10564926231210238


About the publication:

In this article, based on a Symposium held at the 2022 Academy of Management Meeting, we present a moderated discussion between established scholars in the field of grand challenges—Shahzad (Shaz) Ansari, Natalie Slawinski, and Eero Vaara—focusing on the role of institutional, paradox, and practice theories in research on grand challenges. Our goal for the symposium was to bring these theoretical perspectives into conversation, reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the lenses, and discuss potential intersections for future research on grand challenges. We present the panelists’ prepared remarks as well as the interactive discussion covering four topics: the limitations of existing concepts and theories, materiality, impact, and relations between theory and practice. As part of these four discussion topics, we also present questions and reflections from the audience. We conclude by summarizing insights gleaned from the symposium about critical gaps and avenues for future research.

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Rikke Rønholt Albertsen; Shahzad Ansari; Katrin Heucher; Marc Krautzberger; Ann Langley; Pauline Charlotte Reinecke; Natalie Slawinski; Eero Vaara / Strategizing Together for a Better World : Institutional, Paradox and Practice Theories in Conversation.
In: Journal of Management Inquiry, Vol. 33, No. 2, 4.2024, p. 115-130
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