Department of Management, Society and Communication

External Lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

I research at the intersections between business and society, in particular community actors in Latin America. I have over 14 years of fieldwork experience researching in Indigenous and Non-Indigenous contexts examining the impact of CSR related initiatives. I teach on Business and Development; Business and Human Rights; and CSR/corporate sustainability in general.

Professional and/or academic experience

Selected publications:
Maher, R. (2019). Squeezing psychological freedom in corporate–community engagement. Journal of Business Ethics, 160(4), 1047-1066.

Maher, R., Valenzuela, F., & Böhm, S. (2019). The enduring state: An analysis of governance-making in three mining conflicts. Organization Studies, 40(8), 1169-1191.

Maher, R. (2020). De-contextualized corporate human rights benchmarks: Whose perspective counts? See disclaimer. Business and Human Rights Journal, 5(1), 156-163.

Maher, R., & Buhmann, K. (2019). Meaningful stakeholder engagement: Bottom-up initiatives within global governance frameworks. Geoforum, 107, 231-234.
Maher, R., Neumann, M., & Slot Lykke, M. (2022). Extracting legitimacy: An analysis of corporate responses to accusations of human rights abuses. Journal of Business Ethics, 176(4), 609-628.

Maher, R., Huenteao, H., & Quintremán, E. (2022). The tragic failings of political CSR: A damning verdict from the Indigenous Pehuenche highlands in Chile. Journal of Management Studies, 59(4), 1088-1097.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

I supervise in the fields of development and CSR impacts of business (especially in emerging market/Latin American contexts); business impacts on human rights; business - community relations and conflicts; social movements against business; business responses to critique and grievances; Critical CSR discourses.

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