Department of Management, Society and Communication

External Lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

Nina Dadalauri has obtained her PhD degree in Political Science at Aarhus University and has over 10 years of work experience in academia and consultancy.

As an External Lecturer at CBS she has been teaching subjects and/or supervised master and bachelor thesis projects on different topics.

Besides CBS, Nina Dadalauri has taught at Aarhus and Malmo universities.

Apart from her academic work, Nina Dadalauri is a Managing Partner at the research-based consultancy firm Peruse Company that provides services to public, private and non-governmental organizations.

Professional and/or academic experience
  1. 'Political Economy of European States' (EB )
  2. 'Internationalization beyond Europe & Qualitative Methods' (EB)
  3. 'Europe & Global Megatrends' (EB)
  4. 'Political Economy of Development' (IBP)
Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

Students from the two following programmes:
1. EB

2. IBP

Type of projects are the following:

  1. Second year project
  2. Internshiop project
  3. Bachelor’s project
  4. Master’s thesis
Other Teaching Activities

Taught classes for IBP students in ‘Political Science’

Taught classes for IBP students in ‘Political Economy of Development’

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