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My research is characterized by the implementation of statistical and quantitative methods to answer mainly consumer- and health- economic questions based on primary and secondary data. In addition to the economic evaluation of political measures and social development, my research deals with the topics of work, health, and consumer behavior.  I’m also interested in answering methodological questions through the application, evaluation, and development of new statistical methods that can be used in the field of consumer economics.

I am a member of the Consumer and Behavioural Insights Group (CBIG) at the CBS Sustainability centre.

Primary research areas
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Health Policy Evaluation
  • Econometrics, Statistical Methods and Machine Learning
  • Consumer Research Methods
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Selected publications
Kaiser, M., Bernauer, M., Sunstein, C. R., & Reisch, L. A. (2020). The power of green defaults: the impact of regional variation of opt-out tariffs on green energy demand in Germany. Ecological Economics, 174, 106685.
Kaiser, M. (2019). Benford'S Law As An Indicator Of Survey Reliability—Can We Trust Our Data?. Journal of Economic Surveys, 33(5), 1602-1618.
Sunstein, C. R., Reisch, L. A., & Kaiser, M. (2019). Trusting nudges? Lessons from an international survey. Journal of European Public Policy, 26(10), 1417-1443.
Kaiser, M., Reutter, M., Sousa-Poza, A., Strohmaier, K. (2018). Smoking and the Business Cycle. Evidence from Germany, Economics and Human Biology, 29, 138-147.
Publications sorted by:
Lucia A. Reisch; Cass R. Sunstein; Micha Kaiser / Most People Like Nudges : And Why That Matters.
In: Theories of Choice: The Social Science and the Law of Decision Making. . ed. /Stefan Grundmann; Philipp Hacker. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2021, p. 73-86
Book chapter > peer review
Micha Kaiser; Steffen Otterbach; Alfonso Sousa-Poza / Using Deep Learning to Uncover the Relation Between Age and Life Satisfaction
: Research Square 2021, 22 p.
Working paper
Lucia A. Reisch; Cass R. Sunstein; Micha Kaiser / What Do People Want to Know? : Information Avoidance and Food Policy Implications .
In: Food Policy, Vol. 102, 7.2021
Journal article > peer review
Micha Kaiser; Steffen Otterbach; Alfonso Sousa-Poza; David E. Bloom / Interventions with Positive Side-Effects : COVID-19 Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions and Infectious Diseases in Europe.
Bonn : IZA 2020, 19 p. (IZA Discussion Paper, No. 13927)
Working paper
Micha Kaiser; Manuela Bernauer; Cass R. Sunstein; Lucia A. Reisch / The Power of Green Defaults : The Impact of Regional Variation of Opt-out Tariffs on Green Energy Demand in Germany.
In: Ecological Economics, Vol. 174, 8.2020
Journal article > peer review
Micha Kaiser; Lucia A. Reisch / Kann man Nudging trauen? : Wie man in Baden-Württemberg über verhaltensbasierte Stimuli denkt.
In: Konsum und nachhaltige Entwicklung: Verbraucherpolitik neu denken. . ed. /Adrian Boos; Tobias Brönneke; Andrea Wechsler. Baden-Baden : Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft 2019, p. 291-316 (Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Europäisches Wirtschafts- und Verbraucherrecht e.V., Vol. 40)
Book chapter > peer review
Micha Kaiser; Jan Michael Bauer / Preschool Child Care and Child Well-Being in Germany : Does the Migrant Experience Differ?.
In: Social Indicators Research, Vol. 144, No. 3, 8.2019, p. 1367-1390
Journal article > peer review
Micha Kaiser; Lucia A. Reisch; Manuela Bernauer / Take It or Leave It : The Impact of Regional Variation of Opt-out Tariffs on Green Energy Demand.
Friedrichshafen : Forschungszentrum Verbraucher, Markt und Politik. Zeppelin Universität 2019, 30 p. (Grüne Defaults als Instrument einer nachhaltigen Energienachfragepolitik. Deliverables, No. 2)
Cass R. Sunstein; Lucia A. Reisch; Micha Kaiser / Trusting Nudges? : Lessons from an International Survey.
In: Journal of European Public Policy, Vol. 26, No. 10, 10.2019, p. 1417-1443
Journal article > peer review
Micha Kaiser; Jan Michael Bauer; Alfonso Sousa-Poza / Does Unemployment Lead to a Less Healthy Lifestyle?
In: Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 24, No. 12, 2017, p. 815-819
Journal article > peer review
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