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External lecturer

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Presentation and academic fields

External lecturer at CBS since 2009 in a range of topics: Marketing, management, culture and communication. Former teaching assistant at SDU and AU. External examiner in rhetoric at KU and AU and at academy and diploma level in management and communication.

Educated in rhetoric, psychology of language and teaching from Copenhagen University, former head of qualitative analysis at a Danish market analysis firm, former programme director at the multimedia designer programme in what today is UCL.

Since 2008 owner of Orator – Communications, Culture and Management, where I help companies with a broad range of management and communication related issues, e.g. strategy, branding, change communication, presentations, speeches, text/copy, market analysis and documentation.

Written, co-authored, and ghostwritten some books – and a single peer reviewed article. Topics revolve in different ways around bridging cultural gaps; public office/private enterprise, local company/global market and how to make people adopt new technology/cope with digitalization.

Professional and/or academic experience
  • Globale Projekter og Interkulturelt Samarbejde (HA Projektledelse 2020)
  • Intercultural Communication and Management (HA(EB) 2020)
  • IT-Forandringsledelse (HA(IT) 2019)
  • Corporate Communication (BA(EOK) (2019)
  • Cross Cultural studies for Marketing (BA(IMK) 2018)
  • Kommunikationsplanlægning (BA(IMK) 2014-2016 + 2018)
  • Multimodal Kommunikation (BA(IMK) 2018)
  • Interkulturel Markedskommunikation (BA(IMK) 2018)
  • Intercultural communication (BA(EOK) 2010-2016)
  • Skriv Kreativt (BA(IMK) 2012-2013),
  • Oral Communication (BA(IMK) 2010 & 2013)
  • Personlig branding (BA(IVK) 2009-2011)


Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

HA(kom), HA(EB), BsC (IMK), HA(digi), BsC BLC

Ma IBC, MsC BLC, cand.merc (kom)

Internship reports/praktikorientede forløb

1st and 2nd year projects at HA(kom)

Other Teaching Activities

Currently: CphBusiness – misc. courses related to communication

TACK International A/S – misc. courses related to management and communication

Previously: Danish Foreign Ministry Competence Centre – misc. courses related to culture and communication

…and a lot of teaching and seminars for clients in Orator