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PhD fellow

Room: DH.Ø.2.60
E-mail: el.msc@cbs.dk

Erin Leitheiser is a PhD fellow in corporate sustainability and governance.  Her research interests include how corporations contribute to broader societal issues, with particular regard to alternative (non-state) organizing models.  Her current research explores the impact of the varying voluntary self-governance efforts in the textile and fashion industries.  She is also keenly interested in the application of research into real-world contexts. 

Prior to joining CBS, Erin Leitheiser worked in CSR at a U.S. Fortune-50 company, and before that, was a public policy consultant specializing in public/private and self-governance initiatives.  She earned her MSc in Public Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Primary research areas

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Governance

Corporate Citizenship

Public/Private Partnerships

Alternative Organizing Models

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Erin Leitheiser / The Comparative Dynamics of Private Governance : The case of the Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment Industry.
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School [Phd] 2019, 201 p. (PhD Series, No. 17.2019)
Ph.D. thesis
Erin Leitheiser / Drawing Lines and Taking Sides : How national context shapes international private governance engagement.
Paper presented at The Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2018, 2018
Paper > peer review
Erin Leitheiser / Shared Goals, Different Logics : Comparisons of the Antecedents and Outcomes of Business-Led and Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives.
Paper presented at 6th Biennial International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions. CSSI 2018, 2018
Erin Leitheiser; Tina Mueller / The Conundrum of Responsibility : Who Is Responsible for the Sustainability of the Clothes We Wear? An Essay.
Paper presented at Third International Conference of the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action
Initiative (SCORAI), 2018
Paper > peer review
Erin Leitheiser / A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing? : How the Illusion of Hard Law Makes Business More Responsible.
In: Proceedings of the Seventy-seven Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. ed. /Guclu Atinc. Briar Cliff Manor, NY : Academy of Management 2017 (Academy of Management Proceedings)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Erin Leitheiser / Are We Treating the Cause or the Symptoms? : Exploration of the Outcomes of Varying Approaches to Private Governance.
Paper presented at Business and Human Rights Young Researchers Summit, 2017
Paper > peer review
Erin Leitheiser / Drawing Lines and Taking Sides : How National Context Influences Private Governance Arrangements.
Paper presented at The 33rd EGOS Colloquium 2017, 2017
Paper > peer review
Erin Leitheiser; Jennie Perzon / Friends, Foes or Frenemies? : Exploration of the Partnerships Paradox of CSOs and Business.
Paper presented at 5th CR3+ Conference, 2017
Paper > peer review
Erin Leitheiser / What Makes Business Responsible? : How Actors and Context Influence the Politicization of the Business Institution.
Abstract from Society for Business Ethics Annual Conference 2017, 2017
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Erin Leitheiser / Here or there : The Role of Culture in Private Governance.
Paper presented at The International Conference on Business, Policy and Sustainability, 2016
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