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Torben Juul

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Torben Juul Andersen is professor of Strategy and International Management and director of the Global Strategic Responsiveness Initiative. Before joining CBS, he taught strategy and financial economics at George Mason University and Johns Hopkins University. Torben held executive positions at Citibank, N.A., Citicorp Investment Bank Ltd., SDS Securities a/s, Unibank A/S, and PHB Hagler Bailly. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and holds an MSc. Economics (cand. polit.) degree from the University of Copenhagen, an MBA from McGill University, and a PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His primary focus includes effective strategic response capabilities and resilient adaptation in the face of emergent risks, uncertain environmental conditions, and abrupt unpredictable events with potentially extreme outcomes that characterize the major societal challenges of our time.

Primary research areas
  • Global Strategic Responsiveness
  • International Management and Leadership
  • Multinational Corporate Strategy
  • Risk Management Practices
  • Strategic Risk Governance
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  • Multinational Risk Management (IB BSc)
  • Strategic Management (cand. merc./MBA)
  • Corporate and Multinational Strategy (cand. merc.)
  • Risk Management for Corporate Leaders (Executive)
  • Strategic Risk Management (cand. merc. elective)
  • Strategic Risk Leadership (cand. merc. elective)
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Global Business Strategy
  • Managing Risk and Uncertainty
  • Risk Management of Multinational Enterprise
  • Strategic Risk Management
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Selected publications


Andersen TJ, Young PC (2020). Strategic Risk Leadership: Engaging a World of Risk, Uncertainty, and the Unknown. Routledge: Oxon, UK.

Andersen TJ, Sax J (2020). Strategic Risk Management: A Research Overview. Routledge: Oxon, UK.

Andersen TJ, Hallin CA, Fredens K (2018). Et Netværk af Hjerner: Tænk med dine medarbejdere og led med succes. Gyldendal Business: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Andersen TJ (2017). The Responsive Global Organization (editor). Emerald Group Publishing: Bingley, UK. (Emerald Studies in Global Strategic Responsiveness, vol. 1)

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Andersen TJ (2006). Global Derivatives: A Strategic Risk Management Perspective. Pearson Education: London.

Academic articles:

Andersen TJ, Sax J, Giannozzi A (2021). Conjoint effects of interactive strategy-making processes and lines of defense practices in strategic risk management: An empirical study. Long Range Planning (forthcoming).

Sax J, Andersen TJ (2019). Making risk management strategic: Integrating enterprise risk management with strategic planning. European Management Review 16(3): 719-740.

Li X, Andersen TJ, Hallin CA (2019). A zhong-yong perspective on balancing the top-down and bottom-up processes in strategy-making. Cross Cultural and Strategic Management 26(3): 313-336.

Andersen TJ (2017). Corporate responsible behavior in multinational enterprise. International Journal of Organizational Analysis 25(3): 485-505.

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Andersen TJ (2015). Interactive strategy-making: Combining central reasoning with ongoing learning from decentralized responses. Journal of General Management 40(4): 69-88.

Publications sorted by:
Torben Juul Andersen; Søren Bering / Integrating Distribution, Sales and Services in Manufacturing : A Comparative Case Study.
In: International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 17.1.2023
Journal article > peer review
Torben Juul Andersen; Johanna Sax; Alessandro Giannozzi / Conjoint Effects of Interacting Strategy-making Processes and Lines of Defense Practices in Strategic Risk Management : An Empirical Study.
In: Long Range Planning, Vol. 55, No. 6, 12.2022
Journal article > peer review
Torben Juul Andersen / Foreword : The Role of Values in a Responsive Global Organization.
In: Navigating Corporate Cultures from Within: Making Sense of Corporate Values Seen from an Employee Perspective. . ed. /Michael Jakobsen; Verner D. Worm. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing 2022, p. ix-xviii (Emerald Studies in Global Strategic Responsiveness)
Torben Juul Andersen; Luca Gatti / Generating Solutions to Systemic Risks through On-Going Experimentation on Invested Space-Forms
In: GAR2022 Contributing PaperGeneva : United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction 2022
Report chapter > peer review
Torben Juul Andersen; Peter C. Young / Strategic Risk Leadership : Context and Cases.
Abingdon : Routledge 2022, 190 p.
Book > peer review
Vishnu Chandar Venkatesh ; Meeta Dasgupta; Anupama Prashar; Torben Juul Andersen / Dealing with Surprise Attacks : Decomposing ERM as a Dynamic Capability to Handle Crises.
In: Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Vol. 28, No. 4, 2021, p. 515-536
Journal article > peer review
Torben Juul Andersen / Dynamic Adaptive Strategy-making Processes for Enhanced Strategic Responsiveness
In: Strategic Responses for a Sustainable Future: New Research in International Management. . ed. /Torben Juul Andersen. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing 2021, p. 49-65 (Emerald Studies in Global Strategic Responsiveness)
Book chapter > peer review
Carsten Lund Pedersen; Torben Juul Andersen / How Resource-deprived Mavericks Circumvent Central Control : Walking or Stumbling on Two Feet?.
In: Strategic Responses for a Sustainable Future: New Research in International Management. . ed. /Torben Juul Andersen. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing 2021, p. 87-121 (Emerald Studies in Global Strategic Responsiveness)
Book chapter > peer review
Torben Juul Andersen / Prelims - Foreword
In: Strategic Responses for a Sustainable Future: New Research in International Management. . ed. /Torben Juul Andersen. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing 2021, p. i-xi (Emerald Studies in Global Strategic Responsiveness)
Torben Juul Andersen (Editor) ; Rob Gleasure (Editor) / Proceedings of the ACM Collective Intelligence Conference 2021
WWW : Copenhagen Business School, CBS ACM Collective Intelligence Conference 2021, 2021
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Academic Interests
  • Strategic Management Society
  • Academy of International Business
  • European Academy of Management
  • Academy of Management
Research Projects
Outside activities

2018- ongoing

Chairman of Supervisory Board, Chôra Foundation, Haarlem, Netherland

Board member, Soransk Samfunds Boligfond, Frederiksberg, Denmark

Advisory services, Andersen Advisory Services Aps, Copenhagen, Denmark