Department of Economics

Fabian Bakay
PhD fellow

Barnabas Fabian Bakay

In my research, I am primarily interested in how the green transition affects the labour market. In particular, my research concerns the interplay between directed technological change and the change in relative skill demand on the labor market and subsequent inequality. Furthermore, I am also part of a research project studying educational outcomes of vocational school students in Denmark following a large-scale policy intervention. This places my research at the intersection of labor, climate and education economics, whereby my methodology is mainly focused on applied microeconometrics and Machine Learning methods.

Primary research areas

Labour Economics,

Climate Economics,

Education Economics Applied Microeconometrics,

Machine Learning methods in Economics,


Curriculum Vitae
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Eva-Maria Euchner; Barnabas Fabian Bakay / Solving Europe’s Value Deficit via Economic Well-being? : The Complex Relationship between Economic Well-being and Attitudes towards Morality Issues.
In: Value Politics in the European Union: From Market to Culture and Back. . ed. /François Foret; Jana Vargovčíková. Abingdon : Routledge 2021, p. 115-132 (Routledge Studies On Government And The European Union)
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