Department of Digitalization

Assistant professor

Room: HOW/60-5.18
+45 41 85 20 89

Somnath is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Digitalization. His research interests focus on Distributed Ledger Technology/Blockchain, Machine Learning, Big Data, and High-Performance Computing. He holds a PhD in Computing Systems from University of Siena, Italy, as well as an MS in Distributed Computing from Polytech Nice Sophia Antipolis, France. Somnath also has worked on multiple EU/International research projects. Before joining CBS, Somnath has worked for Fraunhofer, Germany, Simula Research Lab, Norway, and University College Dublin, Ireland.

Primary research areas
  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics/Processing
  • Data Security and Privacy
Social media
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  • Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
  • Foundations of Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts
  • Thesis topics focused on primary research areas
  • Implementation as well as computation methods
Selected publications
  • Mazumdar, S., & Scionti, A. (2020). Ring-Mesh: A Scalable and High-Performance Approach for Manycore Accelerators. Journal of Supercomputing, Springer.
  • Mazumdar, S., Seybold, D., Kritikos, K., & Verginadis, Y. (2019). A survey on data storage and placement methodologies for cloud-big data ecosystem. Journal of Big Data, Springer.
  • Mazumdar, S., & Pranzo, M. (2017). Power efficient server consolidation for cloud data center. Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier.
Publications sorted by:
Sophia Auer; Sophia Nagler; Somnath Mazumdar; Raghava Rao Mukkamala / Towards Blockchain-IoT Based Shared Mobility : Car-sharing and Leasing as a Case Study.
In: Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Vol. 200, 4.2022
Journal article > peer review
Thomas Dreibholz; Somnath Mazumdar / A Demo of Workload Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing using the Reliable Server Pooling Framework
In: Proceedings of the 46th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks. LCN46Los Alamos, CA : IEEE 2021, 3 p. (Conference on Local Computer Networks. LCN, Vol. 46)
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
Somnath Mazumdar; Thomas Jensen; Raghava Rao Mukkamala; Robert J. Kauffman; Jan Damsgaard / Do Blockchain and IoT Architecture Create Informedness to Support Provenance Tracking in the Product Lifecycle?
In: Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System SciencesHonolulu : Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2021, p. 1497-1506 (Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Thomas Dreibholz; Somnath Mazumdar / Reliable Server Pooling Based Workload Offloading with Mobile Edge Computing : A Proof-of-Concept.
In: Advanced Information Networking and Applications: Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2021), Volume 3. . ed. /Leonard Barolli; Isaac Woungang; Tomoya Enokido. Cham : Springer 2021, p. 582-593 (Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, No. 227)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Dario Madeo; Somnath Mazumdar; Chiara Mocenni; Roberto Zingone / Evolutionary Game for Task Mapping in Resource Constrained Heterogeneous Environments
In: Future Generation Computer Systems - The International Journal of eScience, Vol. 108, 7.2020, p. 762-776
Journal article > peer review
Somnath Mazumdar; Alberto Scionti / Fast Execution of RDF Queries using Apache Hadoop
In: Advances in Computers. ed. /Ali R. Hurson. Vol. 119, Cambridge, MA : Academic Press 2020, p. 1-33
Book chapter > peer review
Somnath Mazumdar; Alberto Scionti / Ring-mesh : A Scalable and High-performance Approach for Manycore Accelerators.
In: Journal of Supercomputing, Vol. 76, No. 9, 9.2020, p. 6720–6752
Journal article > peer review
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