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Room: HOW/60-3.14
E-mail: rg.digi@cbs.dk

Rob Gleasure is Associate Professor at the Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School. He received his PhD from University College Cork in 2013 and his interests include crowds/online communities, distributed collaboration, design, and neuroIS. Rob is Co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Decision Systems, has performed Chair duties for multiple international conferences, and he is a founding member of the Special Interest Group for Open Research (SIGOPEN). Rob’s research has appeared in outlets such as Information Systems Research, the Journal for the Association of Information Systems, the European Journal of Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, the Journal of Information Technology, the Journal of Strategic Information Systems, and Sloan Management Review. Rob employs a range of qualitative and quantitative methods and is especially interested in exploring how systems can be designed to leverage intuition and interpersonal learning for social good.

Primary research areas
  • Crowdfunding/crowdsourcing
  • Technology-mediated collaboration
  • Design science/design thinking
  • Power and discourse
  • Emotion and empathy
  • Relationship between IT and physiology
Administrative tasks

Social media
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  • Designing and evaluating novel solutions for complex problems
  • Modelling bias, emotion, and power in technology-mediated interactions 
  • Crowdfunding, citizen science, open innovation, and other open systems
  • Any topics related
Other teaching activities

Office Hours:
Mondays 10:00-12:00

Selected publications
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Kieran Conboy; Denis Dennehy; Rob Gleasure / A Design Science Approach to Implementing Flow-Based Information Systems Development (ISD)
In: Design Science Research: Cases. . ed. /Jan vom Brocke; Alan Hevner; Alexander Maedche. Cham : Springer 2020, p. 105-127 ( Progress in IS)
Book chapter > peer review
Rob Gleasure / Circadian Rhythms and Social Media Information-Sharing
In: Information Systems and Neuroscience: NeuroIS Retreat 2019. . ed. /Fred D. Davis; René Riedl; Jan vom Brocke; Pierre-Majorique Léger; Adriane Randolph; Thomas Fischer. Cham : Springer 2020, p. 1-11 (Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation, Vol. 32)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Emmanuel Eze; Rob Gleasure; Ciara Heavin / Mobile Health Solutions in Developing Countries : A Stakeholder Perspective.
In: Health Systems, Vol. 9, No. 3, 2020, p. 179-201
Review > peer review
Kevin O’Leary; Philip O'Reilly; Rob Gleasure; Joseph Feller / Reviewing the Contributing Factors and Benefits of Distributed Collaboration
In: Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 15.6.2020
Journal article > peer review
Robin Renwick; Rob Gleasure / Those Who Control the Code Control the Rules : How Different Perspectives of Privacy Are Being Written Into the Code of Blockchain Systems.
In: Journal of Information Technology, 27.8.2020
Journal article > peer review
Clara Walsh; Philip O'Reilly; Rob Gleasure; John McAvoy; Kevin O’Leary / Understanding Manager Resistance to Blockchain Systems
In: European Management Journal, 3.10.2020
Journal article > peer review
Audrey Grace; Rob Gleasure; Patrick Finnegan; Tom Butler / Enabling Service Co-production : A Theory-building Case Study.
In: European Journal of Information Systems, Vol. 28, No. 4, 8.2019, p. 413-438
Journal article > peer review
Emmanuel Eze; Rob Gleasure; Ciara Heavin / Planning and Positioning mHealth Interventions in Developing Countries
In: Health Policy and Technology, Vol. 8, No. 2, 6.2019, p. 137-142
Journal article > peer review
Rob Gleasure; Kieran Conboy; Lorraine Morgan / Talking Up a Storm : How Backers Use Public Discourse to Exert Control in Crowdfunded Systems Development Projects.
In: Information Systems Research, Vol. 30, No. 2, 6.2019, p. 447-465
Journal article > peer review
Emmanuel Eze; Rob Gleasure; Ciara Heavin / Understanding the Factors that Influence the Primary Appraisal of mHealth Tools in Developing Countries : An Exploratory Case-Study in Nigeria.
In: Australasian Journal of Information Systems, Vol. 23, 2019
Journal article > peer review
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