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Leif Bloch
Associate professor emeritus

Room: HOW/60-2.12

I hold a M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. I have participated in numerous national as well as international research projects, both as coordinator and as partner. I work closely with companies, public sector, NGO ́s and Unions. My main focus is innovation, social dialogue, sustainable development and design of Inquiring Systems. I aim at bringing Internet-of-Things into practice through handling Big Data for cooperative innovation. A special interest is knowledge as a commons, where Future Emerging Technologies and Markets are brought into business practice through a diversity of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural networks.

Primary research areas
  • Design of Inquiring Systems
  • Complexity and Cooperative Innovation
  • Knowledge as a Commons
  • Sustainable Development
  • Self-Organizing Universe
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  • Multiple Perspectives on E-Bussiness, Mandatory Course at ITU (incl. preparation for master thesis)
  • Innovation and Entreprenurship, HA, 6. semester.

M.Sc. and B.Sc. at ITU and CBS (over 1000 through the years)

Other teaching activities

Ph.D. course in NanoTechnology and Business (under stablishement in collaboration with NanoTech DTU)

Selected publications
  • de Neergaard, Thea Bruun; Bach, Martina Sophia; Nielsen, Janni; Bloch Rasmussen, Leif: Mobilizing Local and Regional Knowledge for Innovation. In Participatory Innovation Conference Proceedings, Jacob Buur (ed.), Sønderborg: Syddansk Universitetsforlag, 2011.
  • Bach, Martina & Rasmussen, Leif Bloch: Collaborative Working Environments as Globalised Inquiry for All, World Conference on Concurrent Engineering, Lisbon, 2008
  • Ortiz, Rocío Rueda & Rasmussen, Leif Bloch: Philosophical Inquiry into Social Informatics, IFIP WG 9.2. World Conference, Maribor, Slovenia, 2007
  • Ortiz, Rocío Rueda; Herlau, Henrik; Rasmussen, Leif Bloch: Philosophical Inquiry into Social Informatics – Methods and Uses of Language. In Berleur, J.; Nurminen, M.I; Impagliazzo (eds.): Social Informatics: An Information Society for All?, Springer, 2006, p.417-430
  • Lundin, Martina Sophia & Rasmussen, Leif Bloch: A Radical Scandinavian (Øresundsk) Approach to Inquiring Organizations - A Critique of ICT in Knowledge Management - HCC 6, IFIP, World Congress, Montreal, Aug. 2002, publ. in Klaus Brunnstein & Jacques Berleur (eds.): Human Choice and Computers: Issues of Choice and Quality of Life in the Information Society, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003
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Antonio Adrián Arciénaga Morales; Janni Nielsen; Eduardo Roveris Gomes; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Hernán Bacarini; Britta Thomsen / Some Insights into Nanotechnology Innovation Processes and Patterns for Advanced Materials
In: Contaduría y Administración, Vol. 64, No. 1, 2019
Journal article > peer review
Karoline Sahlertz; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Janni Nielsen; Rasmus Pedersen / Internet-of-things as a Playground for Participatory Innovation and Business Potentials in Complex Modern Economies
Paper presented at Participatory Innovation Conference. PIN-C 2015, 2015
Paper > peer review
Thomas L. Andersen (Editor) ; Leif Bloch Rasmussen (Editor) / Liposome Research Days : Living Innovation - Copenhagen 4-7 August 2014.
Lyngby : Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Liposome Research Days 2014, 2014, 101 p.
Janni Nielsen; Suzanne Yaganeh; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Antonio Arcienaga / Innovation : Creative Friction or Complementarity.
In: Proceedings of the Participatory Innovation Conference. PIN-C 2013. ed. /Helinä Melkas; Jacob Buur. Lahti : Lappeenranta University of Technology 2013, p. 233-240 (LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications) (Tutkimusraportit - Research Reports, No. 6)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Janni Nielsen; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Suzanne Yaganeh; Hernan Bacarini; Antonio Arcienaga / Cooperative Innovation Landscapes : Visualising Empirical Findings from a Euro-Latin American Project.
Paper presented at Participatory Innovation Conference. PIN-C 2012, 2012
Paper > peer review
Thea Bruun de Neergaard; Martina Sophia Bach; Janni Nielsen; Leif Bloch Rasmussen / Mobilizing Local and Regional Knowledge for Innovation
In: Participatory Innovation Conference Proceedings. PIN-C 2011 . ed. /Jacob Buur. Sønderborg : Syddansk Universitetsforlag 2011, p. 264-273
Article in proceedings > peer review
Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Janni Nielsen / EULASUR. A European-Latin American Collaboration on Nanotech Innovation : A Challenge which Requires Open Hands, Open Hearts and Open Minds.
Poster session presented at Gennesys: International Congress on Nanotechnology and Research Infrastructures, 2010, 1 p.
Ulf Linqvist; Niels Bjørn-Andersen; Örn S. Kaldalóns; Arne Krokan; Christian Persson; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Soley Rasmussen / New Business Forms in e-Business and Media : e-Media.
In: Proceedings of IARIGAI Conference, Stockholm September 20092010
Article in proceedings > peer review
Niels Bjørn-Andersen; Leif Bloch Rasmussen; Soley Rasmussen / Web 2.0 Adoption by Danish Newspapers : Urgent Need for New Business Models?.
In: Journal of Universal Computer Science, Vol. 15, No. 3, 2009, p. 692-703
Journal article > peer review
Martina Sophia Bach; Leif Bloch Rasmussen / Collaborative Working Environments as Globalised Inquiry for All
In: Thje 14th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising. ICE 2008: An ICE/IEEE International Technology Management Conference. . ed. /Ricardo Gonçalves; Marc Pallot; Robert E. Bierwolf; Klaus-Dieter Thoben; Adolfo Steiger Garção. Los Alamos, CA : IEEE 2008
Article in proceedings > peer review
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