Department of Digitalization

Katrine Kloster
External Lecturer

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Presentation and academic fields

Portfolio management, Project management, Change management, Requirement Management, IT audit, Identifying, optimizing and documentation of Business Processes, Ensuring anchoring of new Business
Processes through facilitating education and strive for a common understanding and strategy, Stakeholder
management, Managing and facilitating the requirements gathering process

Professional and/or academic experience

I've extensive experience with all phases of transforming business needs to market demands, all the way from strategy formulation over scoping, execution and training. I've a various educational and work experience
backgrounds, making me able to have a pragmatic view and make sound compromises between the ideal strategic goal and operational and implementable goals. I've particular experience with leadership framing the strategy, design and alignment of business centric processes, operational and organisational readiness review and portfolio management

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

Master Thesis and E-Business supervisor. Teaching assistant in both Advance IT Project Management and Distributed System

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