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Carsten Sørensen, professor

Carsten Sørensen holds a BSc in Mathematics, an MSc, and a Ph.D. in computer science from Aalborg University, Denmark, graduating in 1993. Carsten has since 1989 been affiliated with several Danish, Swedish, and British institutions, and LSE since 1999.

He was a visiting teaching fellow at CBS in the early 1990s while employed as a Senior Scientist at Risø National Laboratory in Roskilde, and was an Otto Mønsted Visiting Professor at DIGI in 2016/2017. Dr. Sørensen has multi-decade experience in both the study of the digital transformation of enterprises and the further extension to understand how digital platforms and -infrastructures form the foundation of contemporary business operating and innovation arrangements. His current interests relate to distributed ledger technologies. He convened the first LSE course dedicated to distributed ledger technology — an online certificate course in cryptocurrency disruption and was subsequently instrumental in the LSE becoming a Hedera.com council member. 

Carsten served as a member of the Board of Directors of LSE Enterprise, and he is a Non-Executive Co-Founder and Board Advisor for RedGirraffe.com and MyTaskBar.com. He also in the past served as a member of the Advisory Board for the iSociety project at The Work Foundation and Academic Advisor for The Institute for Innovation & Information Productivity. Carsten has since the late 80s been actively engaged as a consultant and executive educator.  A very small sample of these are; Google, Microsoft, PA Consulting Group, IMF, Orange, Intel, Vodafone, AXA, Mastercard, Gartner, The Mobile Virtual Centre of Excellence (a consortium of large organisations), Skype, Telenor, UBS, LloydsGroup, Prudential, The Danish Ministry of Science, EDS, UBS, GEMS, Carphone Warehouse.

Primary research areas

Carsten’s research is published widely, for example in MIS Quarterly, ISR, ISJ, JIT, Information & Organization, The Information Society, CSCW Journal, and the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems. He was for a decade Senior Editor for The Information Systems Journal. He has supervised and co-supervised 20 Ph.D. students to completion and acted as an examiner at 32 Ph.D. vivas.

He has published widely within Information Systems since 1989 in, for example, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of Information Technology, and The Information Systems Journal. Carsten has extensive experience as a Principal Investigator on national, EU, and industry research grants in the UK and Sweden. 

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Jeremy Pitt; John Henry Clippinger; Carsten Sorensen / Values, Axial Currencies, and Computational Axiology : Digital Currencies Can Do More than Buy Stuff.
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