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Associate professor

Room: POR/18.B-4.149
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+45 21929413
E-mail: dp.bhl@cbs.dk

Dorthe´s main research areas are critical analysis of public policy and reform, and the constitutive effects on professional identities and managerial, and collective relations and the Danish Model at the labour market. Her knowledge interest is focused on diagnostics of present governance regimes and how they are formed by hegemonic discourses, legal frameworks, governing technologies and their institutional history.    

Primary research areas
  • Public policy and reform
  • Collective relations and the Danish Model at the labour market
  • Public leadership education, teaching and learning
Administrative tasks

Line coordinator at the MPG program, the cohort model

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Dorthe Pedersen / The Danish Model at the Labor Market : Collective Relations in Governing the Welfare State.
In: Public Law: Insights into Danish Constitutional and Administrative Law. . ed. /Peter Aagaard Nielsen; Jesper Olsen. København : Hans Reitzels Forlag 2022, p. 539-572
Book chapter > peer review
Dorthe Pedersen / Co-creating the City : A Contested Common Concern.
Paper presented at EGPA Annual Conference 2019, 2019
Dorthe Pedersen; Jens Carl Ry Nielsen / Lederuddannelse : Fra nærhed til distance og tilbage igen.
In: Ledelse og læring i praksis. ed. /Poula Helth. Frederiksberg : Samfundslitteratur 2019, p. 47-70
Book chapter
Dorthe Pedersen / Offentlig værdiskabelse : Ledelsesudfordringer i den fordoblede forvaltning.
In: Den modige leder. ed. /Karsten Mellon. Frederikshavn : Dafolo Forlag A/S 2019, p. 199-218 (Ledelse for læring)
Book chapter > peer review
Dorthe Pedersen; Carsten Greve / Double Capacity Building as Response to Wicked Policy Problems : The Danish Emergency Management Reform.
Paper presented at The 22nd Annual Conference of International Research Society for Public Management. IRSPM 2018, 2018
Paper > peer review
Dorthe Pedersen / In Search of Public Value : Leadership as Hybrid Practices.
Paper presented at The 20th Annual Conference of International Research Society for Public Management. IRSPM 2016, 2016
Paper > peer review
Dorthe Pedersen / Leadership in Search of Public Value : Hybrid Practices and Explorative Learning.
In: Developing Public Managers for a Changing World. ed. /Klaus Majgaard; Jens Carl Ry Nielsen; John W. Raine; Bríd Quinn. Vol. 5, Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing 2016, p. 103-126 (Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management, Vol. 5)
Book chapter > peer review
Dorthe Pedersen; Christian Tangkjær / Building Leadership Capacity in the Involving Network State
In: Teaching Public Administration, Vol. 31, No. 1, 3.2013, p. 29-41
Journal article > peer review
Dorthe Pedersen; Marie Ryberg / Forankring af nye ledelses- og organiseringsprincipper i gymnasiet og VUC
København : Undervisningsministeriet 2013, 59 p.
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Academic Interests
  • The politics of transformation, a book project on the diagnostics of historical and contemporary concepts and technologies of change in organizations and society
  • The possible normative futures of the Danish Model at the labour market. Challenges and potentials of the Danish Model and it´s institutional pillars in a neoliberal and a post-neoliberal political economic order.


Research Projects
Outside activities
  • Køge Gymnasium, 2007-: Vice Chairman of board (representing the university sector)
  • Åbrinken, Social welfare institution, 2008-: Vice Chairman