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Christina Lubinski is professor at the Department of Business Humanities and Law at Copenhagen Business School. Her research and teaching focuses on entrepreneurship in society. She is the principal investigator of the Carlsberg Foundation Semper Ardens Advance grant "Rethinking Entrepreneurship in Society". The project group studies entrepreneurship as a discourse and model for social action, drawing on the business humanities and law for novel approaches. What is the influence of entrepreneurship beyond the marketplace? And how does our understanding of entrepreneurship influence approaches to social inequality, the future of work, and other big societal challenges? For details and updates about the project, see Rethinking Entrepreneurship and our profile on LinkedIn.

Christina has published in leading journals in both management (Strategic Management Journal, Organization Studies, Family Business Review) and business history (Business History Review, Business History, Enterprise & Society). Her monograph Navigating Nationalism in Global Enterprise appeared with Cambridge University Press. She has won the John F. Mee Award for best paper in history at the Academy of Management (2023), Henrietta Larson Award (2015) and Oxford Journals Article Prize (2013) as well as several teaching awards. She is editor-in-chief of Business History (AJG 4) and serves on the advisory boards of the Ahlers Center for International Business, Knauss School of Business, University of San Diego and of the Erasmus-funded master program "GLOCAL: Global Markets, Local Creativities", at the universities of Glasgow, Rotterdam and Barcelona.

Primary research areas
  • Entrepreneurship in Society
  • Business Humanities
  • Venturing and Startup Organization
  • Ideologies in Business
  • Family Business
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  • Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipate and Avoid Startup Pitfalls (BSc in International Business)
  • Google, Uber, Amazon – The Management of Platform Business (BSc in Economics and Business Administration)


  • Entrepreneurial Processes (MSc in Social Sciences)
  • Organizing Growth (MSc in Social Sciences)


  • Humanistic Approaches to Societal and Global Challenges
  • Perspectives on Time and Organization
Selected publications
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Olivia Brown; Robert M. Davison; Stephanie Decker; David A. Ellis; James Faulconbridge; Julie Gore; Michelle Greenwood; Gazi Islam; Christina Lubinski; Niall G. MacKenzie; Renate Meyer; Daniel Muzio; Paolo Quattrone; M. N. Ravishankar; Tammar Zilber; Shuang Ren; Riikka M. Sarala; Paul Hibbert / Theory-Driven Perspectives on Generative Artificial Intelligence in Business and Management
In: British Journal of Management, Vol. 35, No. 1, 1.2024, p. 3-23
Journal article > peer review
Christina Lubinski / Postcolonial Transition and Global Business History: British Multinational Companies in Ghana and Nigeria
In: Business History, 16.3.2023
Book review > peer review
Daniela Pirani; Christina Lubinski / Country-of-origin and Competitive Market Dynamics : Italian Biscuits and German Cutlery, 1870–1920.
In: Business History, 24.11.2023
Journal article > peer review
Valeria Giacomin; Christina Lubinski / Entrepreneurship as Emancipation : Ruth Handler and the Entrepreneurial Process ‘in Time’ and ‘over Time’, 1930s–1980s.
In: Business History, 1.6.2023
Journal article > peer review
Stephen Cummings; Christina Lubinski; Ellen O'Connor; Christoph Viebig / Forgotten Foundations : Alternative Worker-centric Visions of the Good of Management and Enterprise.
In: Proceedings of the Eighty-third Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. ed. /Sonia Taneja. Briarcliff Manor, NY : Academy of Management 2023, 1 p. (Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings)
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
Christina Lubinski; R. Daniel Wadhwani; William B. Gartner; Renee Rottner / Humanistic Approaches to Change : Entrepreneurship and Transformation.
In: Business History, 26.5.2023
Journal article > peer review
Christina Lubinski / Navigating Nationalism in Global Enterprise : A Century of Indo-German Business Relations.
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2023, 286 p. (Cambridge Studies in the Emergence of Global Enterprise)
Book > peer review
Christina Lubinski / Rhetorical History : Giving Meaning to the Past in Past and Present.
In: Handbook of Historical Methods for Management. ed. /Stephanie Decker; William M. Foster; Elena Giovannoni. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2023, p. 35–45 (Handbooks of Research Methods in Management series)
Book chapter > peer review
Christina Lubinski; William B. Gartner / Talking About (My) Generation : The Use of Generation as Rhetorical History in Family Business.
In: Family Business Review, Vol. 36, No. 1, 3.2023, p. 119-142
Journal article > peer review
Christina Lubinski / Dynamische Fähigkeiten : Die Sparkassen und das Geschäft mit dem Mittelstand.
In: Die Entstehung der modernen Sparkasse: Von der “Ersparnisanstalt” zum marktorientierten Unternehmen (1950er bis 1980er Jahre). . ed. /Günther Schulz. Stuttgart : S-Communication Services GmbH 2022, p. 137-164 (Sparkassen in der Geschichte, Forschung, Vol. 23)
Book chapter > peer review
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Research Projects
Outside activities
  • Two-week summer school course, Escuela Internacional de Verano, Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, June 2019 and June 2023.