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Ana Maria
Associate professor

Room: POR/18.B-2.154

Ana María Munar is Associate Professor. Her research applies philosophical approaches to gender, higher education and tourism. Her latest book “I am Man” is a poetic philosophical work on gender identity and expression. Currently, she is writing a book entitled “Desire” where she applies psychoanalysis, philosophy, art and literature to explore what desire means for our human condition and our societies. Her ongoing work in tourism focuses on gender and tourism sustainability and on re-imagining tourism spaces, applying ethics and contemplation, new materialism and creative writing. In her latest tourism innovation project she applied Existentialism and multisensory/multimedia approaches to understand tourism experiences. Her gender research combines academic reports and publications, with advocacy and action research projects. These past years, Ana’s research has focused on postdisciplinarity in knowledge production and research paradigms. Her research in digital technologies in tourism applies critical theory to this field.

Primary research areas
  • Tourism

  • Digital Media

  • Epistemology

  • Gender

  • Higher Education

Curriculum Vitae
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  • Service Management Foundations: Tourism and Hospitality
  • Service Economics
  • Contemporary Issues in Tourism Demand

 Experience as supervisor of bachelor and master thesis.

Other teaching activities

Ana María Munar is engaged in curriculum development and her focus has been to strengthen the ethical, philosophical and entrepreneurial aspects of business management education. She coordinates the tourism and hospitality concentration at the Bachelor of Service Management and Business Administration.

Selected publications

Ana Maria Munar / The House of Tourism Studies and the Systemic Paradigm
In: Tourism Research Paradigms: Critical and Emergent Knowledges. . ed. /Ana María Munar; Tazim Jamal. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2016, p. 131–153 (Tourism Social Science Series, Vol. 22)

Ana Maria Munar; Tazim Jamal / What Are Paradigms for?
In: Tourism Research Paradigms: Critical and Emergent Knowledges. . ed. /Ana María Munar; Tazim Jamal. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2016, p. 1-16 (Tourism Social Science Series, Vol. 22)

Tomas Pernecky; Ana Maria Munar; Brian Wheeller / Existential Postdisciplinarity : Personal Journeys Into Tourism, Art, and Freedom.
In: Tourism Analysis, Vol. 21, No. 4, 2016, p. 389-401

Munar, A. M., Biran, A., Budeanu, A., Caton, K., Chambers, D., Dredge, D., Gyimóthy, S., Jamal, T., Larson, M., Nilsson Lindström, K., Nygaard, L., Ram, Y. (2015). The Gender Gap in the Tourism Academy: Statistics and Indicators of Gender Equality. Copenhagen.

Ana Maria Munar; Florence Villeseche / Gender and Academic Leadership Practices at Copenhagen Business School : An Action Research Project.
Frederiksberg: Copenhagen Business School, CBS 2016, 40 p.

Ana Maria Munar / Paradoxical Digital Worlds
In: Tourism Social Media: Transformations in Identity, Community and Culture. . ed. /Ana María Munar; Szilvia Gyimóthy; Liping Cai. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2013, p. 35-53 (Tourism Social Science Series, Vol. 18)

Publications sorted by:
Stefanie Hansen Steinbeck; Ana Maria Munar / Affective Atmospheres in Children’s Museum Experiences
In: Leisure Studies, Vol. 43, No. 3, 6.2024, p. 378-394
Journal article > peer review
Amira Benali; Ana Maria Munar; Emmanuel Akwasi Adu-Ampong / Beyond the Smile : The Infrapolitics of the Host in Volunteer Tourism.
In: Tourism, Culture & Communication, Vol. 24, No. 2, 2024, p. 95-106
Journal article > peer review
Jo Krøjer; Sara Louise Muhr; Mie Plotnikof; Eva Sophia Myers; Anna Franciska Einersen; Sorcha MacLeod; Ana Maria Munar; Lea Skewes / Sexisme på arbejde : Genkend, forebyg og håndtér.
København : Djøf Forlag 2024, 253 p.
; Adam Doering; Ana Maria Munar / Being Corpus : The Tourist Body as Place, Touch and Departure.
In: Researching with Proximity: Relational Methodologies for the Anthropocene. . ed. /Outi Rantala; Veera Kinnunen; Emily Höckert. Cham : Palgrave Macmillan 2023, p. 59-74 (Arctic Encounters)
Book chapter > peer review
Nigel Morgan; Annette Pritchard; Ana Maria Munar / Critical Tourism Studies
In: Encyclopedia of Tourism. ed. /Jafar Jafari; Honggen Xiao. Cham : Springer 2023
Encyclopedia chapter > peer review
Lonni Hall; Ana Maria Munar / How Is Desire Productive and Entangled in the Becoming of Events?
Paper presented at 3rd International PHILOS Colloquium, 2023
Paper > peer review
Claudia Eger; Ana Maria Munar; Cathy Hsu / Introduction: Gender and tourism sustainability
In: Gender and Tourism Sustainability. ed. /Claudia Eger; Ana Maria Munar; Cathy Hsu. Abingdon : Routledge 2023, p. 1-18
Book chapter > peer review
; Ana Maria Munar; Adam Doering / Mundus Corpus : Rethinking Tourism Worldmaking Through the World of Bodies.
Abstract from Critical Tourism Studies, 2023
Conference abstract for conference
Ana Maria Munar; Wenjie Cai / Social Media and Tourism
In: Encyclopedia of Tourism. ed. /Jafar Jafari; Honggen Xiao. Cham : Springer 2023
Book chapter > peer review
Gabe Carpendale (Editor) ; Kellee Caton (Editor) ; Bryan S. R. Grimwood (Editor) ; Ana Maria Munar (Editor) ; Michela (MK) Stinson (Editor) / With in Dangerous Times : Proceedings 2022.
: Critical Tourism Studies Critical Tourism Studies IX, 2023, 218 p. (Critical Tourism Studies, Vol. 9)
Anthology > peer review
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Research Projects
Outside activities
  • Maastricht University, 2019: Expert advisor
  • Breda University of Applied Sciences, 2018: Expert advisor
  • GEAR:DK (Network of Danish Universities), 2019: Expert advisor (speaker)