Externally funded projects

To strengthen CBS 'profile as one of the best research institutions, CBS has in recent years increased its focus on external funding. CBS works strategically to attract research grants from both public and private funding bodies in Denmark and internationally. Below is a list of the externally financed research projects CBS has participated in the last five years. By clicking on each of projects you will find information on which CBS researchers are involved, the scope of the project, the funding source and the time frame for the project.

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AcronymTitleDepartment TypeStatusStartsort ascending
Otto Mønsted Gæsteprofessorsat, Kai LimOtto Mønsted Visiting Professorship - Kai LimDepartment of DigitalizationPrivate (National)Afsluttet11-02-2017
OSUOpen Spin-out University (OSU)Department of International Economics and ManagementEU Afsluttet01-02-2017
Social and geographical recruitment in the Danish film industryDepartment of Innovation and Organizational EconomicsPublic (National)Afsluttet17-01-2017
Industrial Structure and International TradeDepartment of EconomicsPublic (National)Afsluttet01-01-2017
MADE 2.0Made Digital - driving growth and productivity in manufacturing through digitalizationDepartment of Strategic Management and GlobalizationMultiple financing sourcesAfsluttet01-01-2017
Open Innovation in ScienceOpen Innovation in Science Research and Competence CenterDepartment of Innovation and Organizational EconomicsPublic (International)Afsluttet01-01-2017
EELiTEImpacts of Entrepreneurial Experience on Life Time Earnings and Career ProspectsDepartment of Innovation and Organizational EconomicsPublic (National)Afsluttet01-01-2017
IHC LabelEIT Labelling of Msc Innovation in Healthcare 2017Department of Innovation and Organizational EconomicsEU Afsluttet01-01-2017
Governing Collaboration: The 6th biennial International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social InteractionsDepartment of Management, Society and CommunicationPrivate (National)Afsluttet01-01-2017
Haver til Maver"Jord til Bord" on the scheduleDepartment of OrganizationPrivate (National)Afsluttet01-01-2017
MAKESMake WorksDepartment of Management, Society and CommunicationPublic (National)Afsluttet01-01-2017
InnoBoosterEveryone can learn to read with apps for self-studiesDepartment of Management, Society and CommunicationPublic (National)Afsluttet01-01-2017
The Baltic economies: Catalysts for the internationalization of Swedish SMEs?Department of International Economics, Government and Business Public (International)Afsluttet01-01-2017
Crowd-financing for Solar InfrastructureDepartment of Management, Society and CommunicationPublic (National)Afsluttet01-01-2017
SBMSustainable Business ModelsDepartment of Management, Society and CommunicationEU Afsluttet31-12-2016
Preferences or Imperfections? Anomalies in the Lab and Real-World BehaviorDepartment of FinancePublic (International)Afsluttet24-12-2016
COFFERS Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering RegulatorsDepartment of Business and PoliticsEU Afsluttet01-11-2016
Political Military Companies: Commercializing the Military/Militarizing Politics?Department of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (National)Afsluttet01-11-2016
SMV Crowdsourcing LabDepartment of Innovation and Organizational EconomicsPrivate (National)Afsluttet01-11-2016
Parental job loss and child well-being. Causal inference and risk mechanisms.Department of EconomicsPublic (National)Afsluttet01-10-2016
Tools for the analysis of Corporate Networks in DenmarkDepartment of Business and PoliticsPrivate (National)Afsluttet01-10-2016
Incubation as model for organising and leading innovation-processes from/with larger/established businessesDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (International)Afsluttet30-09-2016
ERhvervsphdThe architectural enablement of platform strategyDepartment of DigitalizationPublic (National)Afsluttet19-09-2016
StandardsStandards and competition serving the climateDepartment of OrganizationPrivate (National)Afsluttet15-09-2016
Experimental Testing of Antecedents for Sustainable Consumer BehaviourDepartment of Management, Society and CommunicationPublic (National)Afsluttet05-09-2016
MOCCAMobile context-aware cross-cultural applicationsDepartment of DigitalizationEU Afsluttet01-09-2016
The visual art's economic space 2016. Market Marked, earnings and entrepreneurship among danish visual artistsDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyMultiple financing sourcesAfsluttet01-09-2016
Kyoto NetworkDesign Entrepreneurship: Developing a Field of ResearchDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (National)Afsluttet24-08-2016
The history of GN Store NordDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPrivate (National)Afsluttet01-08-2016
TraMulComTransient Multilingual Communities and the Formation of Social and Linguistic NormsDepartment of International Business CommunicationPublic (National)Afsluttet01-08-2016